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Update link.
updated PO files
Add missing period
Ask people without JavaScript to allow it temporarily
That's a shame but it's needed since we embed the display logic in
JavaScript on the page. Maybe we should have done it the other way
around but it's too late now to change our minds for a first release.
Also note that running the verification in Tor Browser with the security
slider set to high takes much much longer. Running with No Script
outside of Tor Browser is roughly the same speed as without No Script.
updated PO files
Revert "Pretend we need a higher version than the latest (for testing)"
This reverts commit 315fb5549240d4723bd038481ab143388ede1d3e.
updated PO files
Remove '(no restart)' label
This notion doesn't exist anymore with Web Extensions
updated PO files
Fix grammar
[fr] update translation
updated PO files
Trying to gain more space. Sorry, po files!
I'd like to see at least the first logo on the page when I arrive there, so trying to gain some space.
Move display logic from CSS to JS
updated PO files
Add individual donation of 2k€.
Fix display of call to update
updated PO files
Allow users to verify without downloading first (#14961)
updated PO files
Pretend we need a higher version than the latest (for testing)
updated PO files
Bump minimum version of Tails Verification to today's
updated PO files
Always point to latest version
The previous link was always pointing to 0.91.
Show 'verify download' view when extension is installed
updated PO files
Rename Front desk → Help desk (refs: #14458)
Following up on the "meta" title page change.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'mercedes508/frontdesk_mission_update'
[fr] update translation
Remove unreleased versions' UDF:s.
updated PO files
Document known issue.
updated PO files
Add announce tag and change date to something close to now.
Be more catchy (refs: #12356)
Fix link to donation page (refs: #12356)
"donate.en.html" only works with "usedirs: 0", e.g. on the static website
included in our ISO. But our production website has "usedirs: 1" (which is
needed for language negotiation).
Also mention partnerships + insist on individual donations (refs: #12356)
Point to the actual report rather than its (draft) blueprint (refs: #12356)
Use terminology that will survive the move to WebExtensions (refs: #12356)
Don't pretend we build everything from source (refs: #12356)
Fix capitalization of blog post URL (refs: #12356).
updated PO files
releasing version 3.3
Add security advistory for Tails 3.2 (when releasing 3.3).
Tails 3.3 release notes: add known issue. (refs: #14964)
Updating trace file after uploading 3.3.
Update IDF file for DAVE.
Tails 3.3 release notes: fix incorrect statement.
Tails 3.3 release notes: confirm.
Tails 3.3 release notes: confirm.
Fix syntax of eventListener
Fix grammar
Extract function
Explain how the page is reset at first
Wrap regexp
Use 'let' instead of 'var' in 'for' loops
Use a class instead of embedding CSS in the JS code
Add incremental upgrades on the test channel for Tails 3.3
Explain why we're doing this with JS instead of CSS
Fixup upgrade-description files.
I set the wrong --previous-version:s first (3.2 + 3.3 instead of the
correct 3.1 + 3.2).
Use double quotes instead of single quotes
Update upgrade-description files.
[fr] review signing key revocation translation
Improve guidelines for release notes
Draft release notes for 3.3 (#13572)
[fr] translate the signing key revocation mechanism page
[fr] fix some little errors
Update website PO files.
Update version and date for 3.3.
Replace the Unsafe Browser's warning pages with static, pure-HTML versions.
This is truly a *temporary* workaround for refs: #14962.
Update the Thunderbird release docs.
The source package and its .orig file have been renamed, icedove →
thunderbird, which I believe completes this transition!