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adding new docs
another wrong month report.. moving to September
no releases in August.
wrong month! moved paragraph to September
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Merge remote-tracking branch 'tchou/web/11268-really-download-again'
updated PO files
Remove duplicated msgid
Merge branch 'web/10623-css-improvements'
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/web/10623-css-improvements' into web/10623-css-improvements
Adjust alignment of extra tools to shorter header on /donate
updated PO files
Improve phrasing.
Fix grammar.
Fix terminology and add link.
"the `tails` repository" terminology is not commonly used.
Fix phrasing.
Make "In Progress" definition more vague to reflect reality better.
For "Code" work, we don't wait until code is ready for review to indicate that
the ticket is "In Progress".
For non-code work, the "if is not code" phrasing was broken.
Drop capitalization of "Contributor".
AFAIK we have no formally defined "Contributor" concept/role.
Drop trailing slash in link destination.
Links point to page names, and those don't end with a slash. A link with
a trailing slash may currently work but it's not guaranteed to keep working.
Move anchor to its own paragraph.
Drop trailing whitespace.
Fix typo.
Revert "more precise link for frontdesk"
This reverts commit 4f0ce666884e1c11e9148455f183cf3b2ca0bf2c.
Such auto-generated anchors will change and the link will be broken.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'emmapeel/doc/10719-redmine_fields'
Closes: #10719
Don't underline links in recommendations twice
Fix height of banner
For some reason, the banner was not cut out anymore in this branch.
Rework the "Back" button
The simplification in e69f7ed introduced a glitch on the Back button, so
let's take solve this by further simplifying the specific code for this
updated PO files
Consistent style
Add button.js from Bootstrap
It's very tiny. We might replace it in the future but that will do for
Add a minified version of jQuery
jQuery is super easy to write. Some of us are able to write Vanilla JS
equivalent that would make our pages faster to load but let's not block
on this extra work.
Revert "Open Paypal in a new window"
This reverts commit d8baf1055d9a53cbdd25e7c164e13b8f63487098.
Donating is a linear process so it makes sense to stay in the same tab.
Also, /donate has very little way out (external links) so leaving people
there is not useful either.
updated PO files
Update key expiration date.
Use a minified version of Bootstrap
Let's keep the full version in the Git checkout for some times, just in
case it might be useful to use in some circumstances (for debugging for
better ending
Add style guidelines
Add blueprint to prepare donation campaign
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into web/10623-css-improvements
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into web/10623-css-improvements
Add comment
Meeting agenda: drop topics that were discussed last time.
[fr] Fix typo, improve phrasing.
[fr] review 2.6 announcement from atomike
Merge remote-tracking branch 'l10n-italian/testing'
Drop UDFs for 2.5.1 which never was released.
[fr] 2.6 release announcement +
so build-website says
IT: tradotta versione 2.6
Fix typo.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'tails/testing' into testing
Add security announcement against Tails 2.5.
releasing version 2.6
Document #11786 as a known issue in Tails 2.6.
Updating trace file after uploading 2.6.
Update IDF file for DAVE.
Add alpha channel upgrade paths: 2.5, 2.6~rc1 -> 2.6
Update upgrade-description files.
Revert "Install Linux 4.7."
This reverts commits:
* ab562fd41148c669e914b62506d7dc92b075027f
* c0bc655c7ef74e34ff928a5026b9ed5f73a6a9e5
* 80d0667a4c03bfa0b91e1b070363f286cecfe275
The last minute attempt to include it in Tails 2.6 was a bad (too hasty)
idea, e.g. USB installations don't boot (pre-init results in
"FAT-fs (sdb1): IO charset ascii not found"). Also it seems that the
backport of Linux 4.7 hasn't gone through the proper Debian QA process.
Open tweets in a new tab
Use pure jQuery selectors
Fix Tor Browser blog link in 2.6 release notes.
Fix Tor version and blog link in 2.6 release notes.
Install Linux 4.7.
While preparing Tails 2.6 it was discovered that our previous last
minute bump of the 'debian' snapshot (to get Jessie 8.6) caused
linux-compiler-gcc-4.9-x86 to be updated to a version from another Linux
source version (4.7) than what we planned to install (4.6), resulting in
the tagged snapshot being impossible to create since it would require
two different linux source packages which we do not support.
Note that this includes bumping the aufs4-standalone Git submodule to
the latest branch for Linux 4.7.
updated PO files
Adapt to Tails 2.0
Update website PO files.
Update version and date for 2.6.
Fix broken links
Fix UI path for 2.0
Resolve XXX:es in the 2.6 release notes.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into testing
Merge remote-tracking branch 'lattuga/master'
merge po
combatto contro il markup nel codice
correct typo and change english sentence
Trigger click event on the first button amount of each currency instead of keeping none when the user has not yet selected one.
Use simplified jQuery here.
Clean up some comments.
Oops, my mind was not on the same page as my fingers.
never forget semicolons, some Javascript interpreters might not like that.