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mirror doc
mirror doc
Translation stats
April stats
Explain how to tweet
Use the more exciting version only
I had an mailbox issue preventing me from computing them this time
Add my bits of the monthly report
Drop past event from calendar.
Update description of mirror pool configuration.
This was dealt with already.
updated PO files
Drop the hard requirement of OpenPGP communication for mirror operators.
This change doesn't imply any regression, compared to the current state
of things, given we've already somewhat given up on this in practices
for a long time (the work required to maintain the corresponding OpenPGP
keyring was too much compared to the perceived advantage).
See the "[RFC] Dropping requirement for OpenPGP communication with HTTP
mirror operators?" thread on tails-dev@, for details.
Document and add its OpenPGP key.
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/6841-replace-vidalia'
Drop misleading config line.
Add some UDFs that were forgotten.
Fix date
Release notes for 2.3
releasing version 2.3
Move "Pick a hostname for your mirror" out of the "Manual set up" section.
Mirror operators using Puppet need to do that too.
Updating trace file after uploading 2.3.
Update IDF file for DAVE.
Update upgrade-description files.
Add an alpha channel upgrade path from 2.2.1 to 2.3.
Update website PO files.
Update version and date for 2.3.
updated PO files
Add Qubes to the list of similar projects
Qubes is not live but neither is Subgraph OS.
Remove agenda from last month
Add list of volunteers for the next reports
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'xin/knownissues/keyboardlayout'
updated PO files
Remove commented section
We're using Git so if we need to get it back we can always rescue it
from the Git history.
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'spriver/11244/doc-applet'
updated PO files
Improve alternative
This was more or less already said in the previous sentence with 'only'.
Clarify a bit what are ICMP and TCP
Remove ambiguity
Otherwise 'it' could refer to 'ping' or 'Tails'.
Format as a command
Be affirmative instead of negative
Don't treat 'ping' as if it was a common verb
Be consistent with how we usually name images
'Source Code' looks good at the same size at 'Source Sans' (unlike Courier we had before)
Be more explicit
Reorder the page to be more upfront
Give the screenshot first as it clarifies the context and makes it
easier to understand what the elements that we are describing. Then
explain the different elements and explicit the example on the
The diagram of a Tor connection might still be useful to understand how
this relates to what's going on on Internet, but we can put it at the
Remove off-topic section
This was inherited from the Vidalia documentation but doesn't make much
sense anymore.
Describe the example right before the screenshot
Give an example
Explain how bridges related to circuits
Inline picture to prevent losing people
This link points to a picture of a Tor circuits but in a very different
context, the warning about exit node eavesdropping. Let's inline it here
instead and explain what a circuit is made of.
Say 'Tor status icon' instead of 'onion icon'
Use simplier words
Simplify markup
Describe the initial state first
Show the icons instead of describing them
Rename page in lower case
For some times we've been creating new URLs all in lower case, even if
some older pages still have mixed case.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/doc/11234-explain-check-mirrors'
Fix-committed: #11234
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into stable
One line update in French to test the translation/git process. Why does the wiki creation modify de.po files ...
Reviewed review, unified wordings
reviewed the translation and made some changes
Finished translation
Not complete translation, needs German dialogs
Initial translation, unified translation
Initial translation
[pt] update and translate a lot of pages to pt
Self-review, several smaller adjustments
Unified wording
Initial translation
Removed superfluous word
Initial translation
add 'how do I ping' to the FAQ