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Merge remote-tracking branch 'atomike/review/learn'
updated PO files
Add missing "the".
refs: #11225
Merge remote-tracking branch 'emmapeel/docs/11095'
Add UDFs for 3.0:amd64.
Tor Browser "release" process: also import 64-bit tarballs.
refs: #8183
Refresh a bit the MAC spoofing design doc.
intri review suggestions
Unfuzz translations
Align download message with progress bar
Use pointer on pause and resume button
updated PO files
Display failed download as caution
Detach ETA from title
#verify is not inside #download
Hive #verify when the download is paused
Make speed and path closer to progress bar and more detached from title
Revert "Fix downloaded path position."
This reverts commit ff470f7a72727ec416da283c1a70bce36bfd59ba.
It was sending the download path to the top-left corner of the page.
Align check icon horizontally with text
updated PO files
Unfuzz strings
Remove trailing white space
Remove 'i_have_iso' link which was disabled anyway
It's only useful for people who used the extension and want to do the
verification. People didn't complain about that and nobody really feels
committed to implement that, so let's remove the temporary code until we
really feel the need for it again.
Reuse .caution which fixes inexisting margins
Embbed link in a paragraph
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into web/11268-really-download-again
Update meeting agenda.
updated PO files
small typo
Add users scenarios that might be helpful to create personas
Add back Gajim to Pidgin blueprint
strikethrough finished items
Fixed width of the header element for langs with longer words
Fix UDFs' name.
Add UDF:s for Tails 3.0.
Add blueprint for press team
Changed character
minor fixes
minor edits
some nitpicking and rephrasing
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Update PO files
Replaced occurence
Replaced occurence
Replaced occurence
Replaced occurence
Replaced occurence
Rephrased index and title, changed other occurences. Left Desktop as it is in places where the actual desktop is meant
Rephrased file
Minor rephrasing
Review, minor rephrasing
[fr] review openpgp from atomike
unfuzzy & fix string
[fr] translate wiki/src/install/download/
Stretch: import relevant information from the summit meeting notes.
[fr] review wiki/src/support/
updated PO files
[fr] review learn page
Merge remote-tracking branch 'volenta/translate/support/learn' into review/volenta/learn
updated PO files
Fix email address
(fr) translating training orgs !
[fr] update translations
Fix mistake
Initial translation
Translated new string, removed superfluous character
Initial translation
Next initial translation, fixed typo
Initial translation
Translated new strings, unfuzzied and rephrased a bit
Initial translation