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Endless upgrade: mention relationship with #6876 and #9373.
introductory sentence, u
Link this for real, and get more coffee..
Link this for real.
accidentally stumbled upon this info today about RNG
Revert spam.
This reverts commit 35de3c9c38c414afe42fe299f8ff99f63fbb3c19.
Revert spam.
This reverts commit b924b279d13c86ba6e885a806366b2bc62b2cd75.
Revert spam.
This reverts commit fdf8fad01b809f487b973b96d25469156590b713.
This reverts commit 35de3c9c38c414afe42fe299f8ff99f63fbb3c19
This reverts commit a025d60b1d139e6062f7bc8985cfce0ef5ceb81a
Release process: add missing step.
Add UDFs for 3.11 and 3.12.
Calendar: remove past events.
Calendar: acknowledge that we don't know who'll be the RM for 3.10 and 3.11 yet.
Calendar: 3.11 will be a bugfix release and 3.11 a major one.
That's needed for our USB image project.
Release process: automate and document better the version number bumps.
Release process: formatting.
Release process: keep more IUKs to be nicer with people who don't use Tails often.
Currently we use only 13G out of the 30G our mirrors are supposed to have
so we can afford it.
Release process: add missing step.
Release process: Tor Weekly News is gone for 2.5 years.
Release process: handle RCs the same way as final releases.
I.e. prepare everything that shall be merged into master (when publishing the
release) in a dedicated branch. The only difference is that for RCs,
that branch is forked off master, while for final releases, it's forked from the
release tag.
Add 3.9~rc1 call for testing, signature and Torrent.
Make this thing readable.
Manual test: clarify Tor Browser expected user agent.
The platform part is not spoofed anymore:
fix grammar & remove old things
Manual test: the "Tails documentation" launcher was modified.
Release process: mention another option to handle manual test results.
Manual test suite: simplify thanks to release process changes.
Now we'll publish all upgrades on the test channel and will use this
for our QA. Only once our QA has passed, $WEBSITE_RELEASE_BRANCH
will be merged, which will advertise the upgrades on the stable channel (for
actual releases) and alpha releases (for anything else) as usual.
Updating trace file after uploading upgrades to 3.9~rc1.
Updating trace file after uploading 3.9~rc1.
Release process: automate.
Release process: drop "untested" indication.
Works for me.
Add incremental upgrades on the test channel for Tails 3.9~rc1
Update upgrade-description files.
Release process: automate.
Release process: don't set traps.
It's a little bit mean to give instructions along the lines of "oh, if you had
thought of doing X 3 minutes ago, your life would be easier now".
Release process: clarify what to do wrt. feature/buster.
I prefer the RM to leave it alone than mess it up, so let's give them the option
to decide it's too complicated :)
Release process: reorder steps.
With the previous order, feature/buster would end up with frozen APT
repositories, which was not intended.
Release process: workaround po4a changes by requiring the version from Stretch for now.
Release process: reuse existing variable and use local S_D_E.
We don't particularly care *here* what's the value of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
as long as we set it.
Release process: drop steps that have been automated in the Greeter's release script.
Release process: better specify requirements.
Release process: simplify and automate.
Release process: add anchor so I can de-duplicate info in whisperback.git.
Release process: don't assume the remove tracking branch is up-to-date.
Release process: add new PO files, if any.
Release process: automate.
Release process: drop workaround that has not been needed for years.
Release process: improve instructions for updating PO files for our custom packages.
It makes little sense to "correct any displayed error" so don't expect the RM to
do it. Also, commit only once the PO files have been checked + automate
this step.
Release process: clarify when (and why) to update our bundled packages.
It would really be sad to ignore the translation work done between the RC and
the final release, after we've specifically asked translators to do it
at RC time.
Publish monthly report
Fix date
Add stats
Release process: automate.
Release process: drop useless step.
All the commands below should checkout the right branch. Besides,
this sentence was wrong for release candidates: when reading it we haven't
merged devel into testing yet, so "selecting" (whatever that means)
the testing branch won't do anything useful.
Release process: move meta-warning earlier.
One needs to get the right doc from the start.
Release process: point to the specific file (dsa-needed.txt) where the RM should look.
Release process: drop obsolete info about Debian's RT.
We haven't had access to the relevant RT queues for years
and so far we've survived it, so let's not pretend the RMs
actually check them.
Update URLs for the Debian security tracker repo and mailing list.
Release process: set WEBSITE_RELEASE_BRANCH in a way that works more nicely for RCs.
Release process: clarify how to set the MAJOR_RELEASE environment variable when preparing a RC.
Manual test suite: add missing info.
I'm tired to have to find this out by trial and error every time
I perform these tests.
Calendar: remove past events.
Strike one completed item from our roadmap
Fix ticket number
Manual test suite: de-duplicate.
Add HTML anchor.
frontdesk link
better layout and links
updated PO files
Given synonym of "administration password" as people use them (#15571)
To improve SEO
Add screenshot to clarify how to 'administration password' manifests itself (#15571)
Issue 5996 was closed as a dup of 14568, reflect that here.
Restructure blueprint
Add link to Mozilla open branding effort
updated PO files
Fix the display of the scroll bar on small window size (#15642)
updated PO files
Merge branch 'doc/15557-partial-automatic-upgrade'
Fix more broken links to /install/os (merged into /install)
updated PO files