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Fix Markdown syntax.
Replace placeholders
Add volunteer
Update PO files
Add templates until the end of 2016
Improve template for copy/paste
Remove published reports
Publish monthly report
Never use index?h? anchors
These are bound to break if the structure of the page changes.
updated PO files
Remove unused anchor
We should probably not point to such a specific part of this page, since
the idea of linking to it is to clarify the context: where to find such
a launcher.
Fix broken anchor
Fix broken link
OpenOffice is now LibreOffice
Remove obsolete po
[fr] Update restart_second_time.inline
Rescue translations
updated PO files
Fix reference
Fix broken links
Remove PO files of untranslated page
[fr] Update news
Merge remote-tracking branch 'atomike/review/xin/2-4'
updated PO files
Add known issue + workaround to Tails 2.4.
It will be fixed in Tor Browser 6.0.2.
[fr] Update some upgrade pages
Add missing space
Add .torrent.sig for Tails 2.4.
In anticipation of #11157.
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'xin/alt/encryptedvolumes'
[fr] Review chre/translate/xin-doc-misc
xin/translate/doc/misc branch review by Chre
wiki/src/doc/about/ | Updated
.../src/doc/advanced_topics/ | Updated
wiki/src/doc/anonymous_internet/ | OK
wiki/src/doc/anonymous_internet/ | Updated (many)
.../anonymous_internet/icedove/ | Updated
wiki/src/doc/ | OK
.../doc/sensitive_documents/ | Updated
reviewed the translation and made small changes
Update wiki/src/news/
[fr] wiki/src/support/
xin branch translate/encryption_and_privacy review by Chre with following files:
.../src/doc/encryption_and_privacy/ | OK
.../encryption_and_privacy/ | Updated
.../gpgapplet/ | Updated
.../gpgapplet/ | Updated
.../src/doc/encryption_and_privacy/ | Updated
.../encryption_and_privacy/ | OK | Updated
news 2.4 version translation by Chre
xin branch xin/translate/news translation review by Chre
wiki/src/news/ | OK
wiki/src/news/ | OK
wiki/src/news/ | OK
wiki/src/news/ | OK
wiki/src/news/ | Updated
wiki/src/news/ | Updated
wiki/src/news/ | Updated
.../security/ | Updated | OK
.../ | OK | OK
[fr] Update
updated PO files
Fix grammar
Remove headers
Publish report
Move image to its correct place
Minor fixes
Add missing image
xin translation review by Chre:
wiki/src/install/debian/ | UPDATED
.../inc/steps/ | UPDATED
wiki/src/install/linux/clone/ | OK
wiki/src/install/linux/usb/ | OK
wiki/src/install/mac/ | OK
wiki/src/install/mac/ | OK
wiki/src/install/mac/usb/ | OK
wiki/src/install/win/clone/ | OK
Add documentation about Icinga2 check deployment.
Refs: #11366
Updated translation
Initial translation
Adjusted wording
Initial translation
Add notes from meetings & conferences.
Remove wrong VPN setup documentation.
Refs: #11366
Document our Icinga2 setup.
Refs: #1366
updated PO files
Fix link.
Closes: #11519
icedove report
tickets icedove
start icedove reporting
Fix syntax.
Add UDFs for Tails 2.5.
Check UDF correctness after creating the signature.
tails-iuk-check-upgrade-description-file assumes the existence of a
valid signature.
Report on release management
Translated the untranslated