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Move the iso-history publication step sooner in the release process.
Try to clarify why we need a delay before putting a node back online.
Update calendar for the Tails 1.7 realease.
Reviewed Muri's edit's, added a whitespace
Rewrap for sending by email
Avoid jargon of jargon
Improve typography
fixed some minor issues with phrasing
reviewed the translation and added translation of an inline snipplet
merged sprivers commits
proof-on-concept -> proof-of-concept
Clarify the blueprint and decisions we made.
Add missing Icedove report bits.
Report on more work.
Draft mirrors section.
Move paragraph to the correct section.
Draft more report paragraphs.
Fix markup.
Fix typo in all reports' header.
Fix link syntax in all reports' header.
Fix link syntax.
Don't hardcode links to tickets, we document on top of the report how one can see them.
Remove past events.
Draft some more report.
Fix typo.
Remove manual test.
We've been testing this automatically for a long while.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'kytv/eliminate_manual_test_suite'
Draft SponsorS report for anonym.
Draft SponsorS report for the test suite team.
reviewed the translation and made small changes
reviewed the translation and made one small change
updated PO files
Edited the doc link
Broaden scope of sentence.
Make it clear that emergency releases are a reality.
Add notes from October meeting
Minor corrections
Reviewed Muri's review, some minor edit's and corrections
Translated updated strings, added the inline page
Clarify when one needs to replace "x" with an actual number.
Fix typo.
TODO-- and clarify phrasing.
Update topic branch version constructions logics and formatting.
Add missing step.
Reformat, rephrase, make copy'n'paste-able.
Extract the non-default case to a note.
Minor rephrasing.
A topic branch generally starts with feature/ or bugfix/, not a combination of both.
Merge branch 'doc/8555-update-installer-release-doc' into doc/installerpkg
More Tails Installer release process improvements after user testing.
(user = whoever will have to follow this piece of doc :)
reviwed the translation and rephrased some sentences, fixed minor bugs
Merge remote-tracking branch '451f/doc/installerpkg' into doc/installerpkg
Go on improving the Tails Installer release process.
Updated the updated string
update packaging topic branch name to be consistent with main documentation
add example for jessie-backports
Update topic branch doc.
Drop obsolete XXX: the branch has been renamed already.
Simplify the Debian package updating process doc.
Various improvements to Tails Installer's release process doc.
Deeper TOC.
document how to update po files
Self-review; edited some words
Initial translation
Add user testing session
reviewed the translation and made small changes