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Add incremental upgrades on the test channel for Tails 3.5
refs #12035 I thought I had deleted this already, but it looks like something went wrong. Don't load the donation banner css anymore.
Let's not pretend that images are links. refs #14822
updated PO files
Remove links of previous partners. Only current partners shall be linked to. refs: #14822
Publish final report on MOSS project
updated PO files
refs: #14878 Delete note about switch to CCT.
Updating trace file after uploading 3.5.
Remove incorrect point from iteration 2
updated PO files
Applying commit 7855eb8868628187e7f448c772b0eeb58e43ec80
Author: sajolida <>
Date: Thu Oct 19 09:39:04 2017 +0000
Remove special treatment of banner on installation assistant (#14852)
- Developers wondered several times whether this was on purpose or
broken, so users probably wonder as well.
- It make it hard to tweak the top section of our site, for example to
include a donation banner.
- It's broken on smaller screens and the text collapses with the logo.
I did not remove the corresponding line in the CSS - which I will delete anyway.
I'm applying this manually because cherry-picking and merging create too many conflicts.
Delete donation campaign 2017 banner, translations, CSS & CSS import
"dew" => "few"
[fr] update translation
Revert spam.
This reverts commit 6bb75d4d9a46586f53cdb619a6ec3b7361907c66.
This reverts commit 2a28ed9ca1edd1f309d965d94186eea3c5bbe190
correct link
Reorder this page
Add missing blueprint
[fr] update translation
[fr] update translation
Don't point to a duplicate ticket
Add 2 intercept interviews.
updated PO files
Close AS design screening
Remove template section
Publish report for December
Complete stats
Small fixes
Write (or improve) sections of the report about my work
Move to more relevant entries
Rewrite section about AS
Small fixes
Set up a process to discuss Strategic planning (refs: #14502)
Document known issue with tagged APT snapshots (refs: #12308)
Update and unfuzzy PO files.
Improve grammar
… just like Cody did in commit b330461a95719761ae900ac52d75a999418a9bc0.
Explain significance of United Kingdom wrt UTC
Improve grammar
Improve grammar
Wikipedia URL uses underscores
updated PO files
Revert "Remove known issue: #11095"
This reverts commit 95a40425f566d6bff51a2b8ddae8517d49f2dd6e.
We've closed that ticket precisely because we have documented
this problem on the Known Issues page. But there's no indication
that the documented workaround is not needed anymore.
updated PO files
Document workaround when the Applications menu stops working
Closes: #14250
Refs: #15168
updated PO files
Document know issue (Closes: #15152)
updated PO files
Document pinentry focus stealing issue and the corresponding GnuPG persistence upgrade manual step (Closes: #15156)
This should have been documented in the release notes when we released Tails
2.3, but we forgot.
more info on coy
more info on tor messenger and dino-im
add info to blueprint translation
This reverts commit 78c11b68525e8e22b0378867c04aac38bb1b20e6
[fr] update translation
[fr] update translation
updated PO files
Known issues: don't try to maintain the list of NVIDIA Maxwell cards ourselves (refs: #15116).
Instead, point to a complete list of candidates for the documented worarounds.
And then I'll start a new list of adapters for which the documented workarounds
don't work.
updated PO files
Known issues: add a dedicated section about NVIDIA Pascal and a link to the complete list of NVIDIA Maxwell cards (refs: #15116).
Add 34c3
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'cbrownstein/web/14997-explain-better-verification-and-failure'
updated PO files
Merge branch 'web/14998-only-verify-latest-version'
hot topics
Reindent properly.
Adjust blueprint for January report SponsorW
Add blueprint for January report SponsorW
Publish report Sponsor_W
updated PO files
Document known issue and workaround.
Calendar: remove past event.
SponsorW 2017-12 report: update issue status.
Add missing Tails 3.6 UDFs.
Release process: let's generate *all* needed UDFs.
Fix typo.
Remove unreleased versions' UDF:s.
Merge branch 'stable'
Update UDFs after IUK rebuild.
The first batch of IUKs were built with the wrong version of
squashfs-tools, so they were not reproducible.
Update UDFs after IUK rebuild.
The first batch of IUKs were built with the wrong version of
squashfs-tools, so they were not reproducible.
releasing version 3.4
Release process: sanity check the version of squashfs-tools.
Code >>> docs.