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Calendar: reorder entries for clarity
Calendar: register myself as RM for 4.8
Calendar: remove 4.7 release
updated PO files
Releasing version 4.7
Remove empty section
Write release notes for 4.7 (#17305)
Use consistent terminology
Write security announcement.
Release process: adjust a job name
Needed after the last few successive merges. :)
Update various website source files for 4.7
Release process: use the /-/ routing separator in 1 GitLab URL that was missing it
FT: add another useful link
This can be useful:
- To see items that are on our roadmap for this year, with no more
specific milestone set
- On release day, when "Milestone = Upcoming" does not display
issues for the release being prepared
updated PO files
Use consistent formatting
Link to leaflets
Use Markdown instead of HTML
Credit Andrés and add license
Remove outreach material with deprecated logo
Remove gibberish
Put the most common things forward
Ideally this page could be split in several more specific pages.
Updating trace file after uploading the IUKs for 4.7.
Updating trace file after uploading the ISO and USB images for 4.7.
Update IDF file for Tails Verification.
Add incremental upgrades on the test channel for Tails 4.7
Update upgrade-description files.
Update signing key used by the Upgrader
Update version and date for 4.7.
Merge branch 'feature/17658-allow-building-iuks-in-parallel-on-jenkins' (17658)
Release process: highlight the serial/parallel duality
A recent example is the switch to GitLab: one might have forgotten to
update the “Build” step in the parallel_build_IUKs job to point at the
new remote.
Release process: adapt the section about failed verification
Merge branch 'feature/improvements-from-4.6' (#17659)
Merge branch 'feature/improvements-from-4.5' (#17659)
Merge branch 'feature/improvements-from-4.5-rc1' (#17659)
ISO → USB image
RM: mention tails-manual-testers@ as fallback (Closes #17644)
updated PO files
Known issues: document workaround for Acer Swift 3
Closes #17527
GitLab: document closing issues fixed by MR
GitLab closes these issues automatically only when the destination
branch is the default branch, i.e. `master` currently:
I'm wondering if we should make the `stable` or `devel` branch our default
branch (assuming we merge more branches into these branches than into `master`),
but for now let's workaround the problem via documentation.
updated PO files
We are releasing every 4 weeks now
USB images are the thing these days
Be more frank
Postpone meeting
Adjust doc to updated signing key
refs: #17133, tails/sysadmin#17391
Update signing key
- Bump expiration date for master key and active RMs' subkeys
- Revoke inactive RM's subkey
refs: #17133, tails/sysadmin#17391
In retrospective, I don't think that's needed
GitLab transition: add missing steps
Calendar: add TR for 4.7
updated PO files
Explain better how to use "Start thread"
Split buttons have a significant learnability and discoverability cost.
Simplify and be more direct (#17698)
- Benevity is used by most companies, at least Apple and Google so I'm
making the instructions for Benevity the default.
- People donating through Benevity might not know that they are using
Benevity (eg. sometime from Google), so it might not be useful to
mention the name "Benevity".
- If people search for "Tails" they might end up with hundreds of
results for animal shelters. Searching for "Riseup Labs" is the way to
- On Benevity, there is an option called "Tails via Riseup Labs".
updated PO files
Explicit reference
Put the most exciting stuff first
Improve structure
Update to Additional Software
Better link our Contact page
Our Contact page was badly linked before the new About page but it
became slightly worse with the release.
So I'm adding 2 more links to /about/contact even though the proper
solution would be to have a proper "About Us" section. (#17700)
Grammar fix to signing key revocation doc: it's -> its
Small fix to personas doc: Avril -> April
updated PO files
Instruct user to link to the uploaded screenshot
Explain what is
Add link to
Add anchor
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into doc/8666-how-to-screenshots
Add fundraising meeting
GitLab: take into account that one needs Developer access to assign a MR
GitLab: add missing punctuation
GitLab: remove stray word
GitLab: use quick action syntax that gives more helpful habits
When one uses the "/label ~xyz" syntax, in the web interface
one gets label completion after typing "~", which is not the case
when one uses the "/label xyz" syntax.
So let's hint contributors towards the former, more usable syntax, even if it
does not matter much here — where it's a matter of copying'n'pasting.
updated PO files
Contribute: delete obsolete page
This page has no backlink on our website anymore.
A redirection was set up to handle links to that page, that may live elsewhere:
Contribute: skip redirection step
GitLab: fix links broken by GitLab upgrade
GitLab: restore link target
The original link became a 404 after a GitLab upgrade, which was
a problem. 2a2089c5d58a86e76ed65ec733e41f9097c7059e fixed the 404,
although by making the link point to a different page than intended.
updated PO files
GitLab: fix a bunch of links
UX: add link
FT: add links
FT: de-duplicate and add links
FT: fix links
FT: avoid a redirection step
GitLab: drop one obsolete reference to Salsa
fixed broken link
GitLab: drop duplicate link
Release process: enable parallelism for IUK builds in Jenkins
v2: Use names agreed on in #17658