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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Cancel next FT meeting.
Superseded by sprint.
Updating trace file after uploading the IUKs for 3.13.
Updating trace file after uploading the ISO and USB images for 3.13.
Add incremental upgrades on the test channel for Tails 3.13
updated PO files
Merge branch 'doc/16532+dropmonthly'
Remove broken link
Merge branch 'doc/16405-previous-iuks' (Fix-committed: #16405).
Clarify what the exact limitation is.
Be more precise than "often".
Add HTML anchor.
Custom APT repo: document how to add an APT overlay and find out how the overlay suite for a given topic branch is called.
Custom APT repo: move relevant info to the place where one is looking when they want to upload a package.
The Overview section explains the branch → APT suite mapping, but it's easy to
miss when one is focused on the "Importing a new package" howto, which can
waste developer time: if they don't push a branch before uploading,
their upload will be rejected.
In practice, there's rarely any reason to follow the doc we have for "Creating
a new branch" except before uploading a new package. So let's move these
instructions to where they're needed, i.e. "Importing a new package".
Revert spam.
Update link to new HTTPS canonical URL.
This reverts commit 2d5cbf23a72f52eab4fe53c618b7cbe8cebf8bfd
This reverts commit d16f763bbb6b28f538650e57f693c00830da086c
This reverts commit 1f078dc4d8f147617346b606a3d76c5ac6cef92f
This reverts commit 6a15a64c39cd56613e96805618c0562a3156b0d5
This reverts commit 2d5cbf23a72f52eab4fe53c618b7cbe8cebf8bfd
This reverts commit d16f763bbb6b28f538650e57f693c00830da086c
This reverts commit 1f078dc4d8f147617346b606a3d76c5ac6cef92f
updated PO files
Improve doc on USB image with virt-manager (#16408)
Style guide: #procedures
updated PO files
Fix broken link (Closes: #16551)
Point to Redmine view for technical writing
Prepare for printing
Format About
Convert to HTML
Hide everything except the banner (for testing)
Improve draft
Give URL that displays what we want on top.
Fix formatting.
Fix grammar.
Don't index these drafts
Fit on one line
Add draft for new About page (#16536)
Calendar: remove past events.
kibi will RM 3.13 in the end.
… so it's less of a problem for me to do 3.13.1, post-Pwn2Own, if we need that.
updated PO files
Update links in known issues page
updated PO files
Add survey for success metrics of VeraCrypt (#15976)
Calendar: be realistic.
It's very rare that actual testing starts on Monday night in practice
so I won't let testers hope it will happen this way. If it does,
that'll be a good surprise :)
I'll RM 3.13.
Improve update instructions
Fix indentation
[fr] update translation
Merge branch 'master' of into translate/misc4
updated PO files
Add HTML anchor.
Document the new Foundations Team's mailing list.
Add public OpenPGP key for the new Foundations Team's mailing list.
Clarify how we manage our Schleuder lists.
Phrase the second task to be automated in the same way as the first one (refs: #16546)
That is:
- Describe the view with less low-level details.
- Pretend that the automated notification system is already set up,
linking to the ticket, so this text is super easy to update once
it's actually the case.
Also, update phrasing to match the updated ticket gardeners' mission here: don't
suggest the ticket gardeners will ensure the review happens or the requested
info is provided. There's no way we can do that and pinging contributors on
a great number of tickets is not helpful, which is why we want a global
per-contributor notification system.
Minor rephrasing (refs: #16546)
It seems there's no good antonym for "assign" :/
Fix phrasing (refs: #16546)
Fix grammar (refs: #16546)
s/want/can: generally, the bottleneck is capacity (refs: #16546)
+ minor formatting improvement and rephrasing.
Consistently phrase tasks as actions the ticket gardeners have to take (refs: #16546)
Use canonical URL for our Redmine (refs: #16546)
Be more resilient to white screen of death
For the update to 3.10.0, I had a white screen of death on the admin
interface and had to update the database on the command line.
Be closer to the upstream instructions
They recommend deleting everything except application/config/config.php
and upload.
Add benchmarking results (refs: #15501)
[fr] update translation
Revert "Less work"
See commit d1c40b38a56460891e381a3ef4b90effea500e5f for the rationale
behind this added *option*. Any monthly report curator may choose
to skip this and that's fine, but there is definitely value in doing
this work: I keep hearing such complains from potential readers.
This reverts commit e762211b42b22a73d340524f20fa33c7ef689362.
Fix phrasing.
Publish the 2019-02 report.
Finalize 2019-02 report.
Update phrasing in monthly report template: we now ship USB images.
Update link in monthly report template: 2018 is gone.
Roadmap: TODO++
Calendar: remove past events.
Roadmap: update task description to match what we'll actually need to do.
Roadmap: drop project that won't happen.
The sysadmin team decided that it's not the best time to work on this.
Update roadmap wrt. deleted blueprints.
Revert spam.
This reverts commit 059dd54f06123fcedeb7fe4cceca5437d7e5124a
This reverts commit 4dfa90b7b26ec183376434838821c454f47e059f
This reverts commit e31bea4e1574e88ee0f50d02b8a74d65b2486d36
This reverts commit c8b67d861c69d850f8c3069d16da6166883a9eff
This reverts commit 7a3ad88ae37e088f08195746a1dc543f13469b46
This reverts commit 6bc047386d96b11ebcd897dc3a6649157722623e