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Add translated versions of links
Unfuzzy and fix some translations
Remove inline translated link to avoid ikiwiki bug (see #6907 and #12246)
Add missing image source
Use explicit anchor for #12643
updated PO files
Add section about the social contract
Add link to Social Contract, will-fix: #12504
Add link to FAQ about how we collect anonymous booting data. will-fix: #12643
This looks better without a paragraph
Update wikipedia shortcuts and add fa, it and pt shortcuts
updated PO files
Make it clear that answering HTTP requests is still required (refs: #12385).
Otherwise it gets harder to add mirrors to our fallback DNS round-robin pool,
that's not HTTPS-enabled yet.
De-duplicate obsolete "Apache configuration example using a hostname under" section (refs: #12385).
The previously named "Apache configuration example using your own domain"
section should work as-is for * as well, using one's
hostname instead of De-duplicating these sections avoids having
to maintain these config bits twice, which lead to only one of the being updated
and the other one left outdated, e.g.
Make it clear everywhere that we now require HTTPS too (refs: #12385).
Specify what we accept, rather than an incomplete list of what we reject (refs: #12385).
Also, drop the bits about Let's Encrypt: it's already mentioned below, and it's
an implementation details that doesn't really belong to the big picture IMO.
Improve mirror documentation and tell people that we only accept SSL enabled mirrors.
Use new URL for Debian package tracker.
Thunderbird release process: add bits about rebasing our patches if needed.
Thunderbird release process: fix build.
Otherwise mozilla/addon-sdk/source/python-lib/cuddlefish/
gets modified by `git archive', and then dpkg aborts due to unexpected
changes to the upstream source.
Thunderbird release process: improve build instructions.
Thunderbird release process: be more `git log -p' -friendly.
Thunderbird release process: don't tag anything before it has successfully built.
Thunderbird release process: add missing formatting, correct instructions, add missing ones.
Thunderbird release process: update, complete and improve the signed tag verification step.
Thunderbird release process: use a TLS-enabled "debian-upstream" remote.
Thunderbird release process: revert erroneous Git remote update.
Debian's Vcs-Git is still called icedove.git.
Thunderbird release process: fix typo.
Thunderbird release process: ensure we push all missing tags.
Thunderbird release process: add safeguards vs. unset variables.
Thunderbird release process: update branch name.
The latest package we're built (1:45.8.0-3+tails2) was prepared from
tails/stretch, not from tails/jessie.
Remove obsolete parts of Thunderbird page
Add Thunderbird icon
Update Debian version and add translated links
Update Debian links
Update links in news
Remove dead links
Update changelog links
Update wikipedia links
[fr] update translation
Update and unfuzzy strings.
Fix link anchor
Use consistent capitalization on proper nouns
Use reverse chronological order
[fr] update translation
Revert spam
This reverts commit 25da5896efee128a4eac5fa3665621a79f08ac07.
Where To Purchase AkChlor 250mg Without A Script dedgedfadeke
Revert spam.
This reverts commit 9cb48b8b271690f3e771bb38982f03944be5ac0b.
This reverts commit 7cd04354c2c45ed8498df3685f4d677c219a5cf2
This reverts commit fd215ee311817f08cd16b1460437539ca830acdc
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'xin/translate/3.0news'
Tails 3.0 comes with Tor Browser 7.0.1
improve wikipedia link
[fr] update translation
Change mistake in wiki/src/news/
[fr] update 3.0 news
[fr] review support translation by Chre
updated PO files
FAQ: don't pretend we support 32-bit x86.
updated PO files
Add a HTML anchor to "Known issues" on the release notes: we often need to point people there.
updated PO files
Document a workaround for installation/upgrade regression (refs: #12696).
Make typography consistent (refs: #12225).
Use ikiwiki link syntax instead of hard-coding links (refs: #12225)
Drop reference to our web translation platform, that's not ready yet.
refs: #12225
Merge remote-tracking branch 'emmapeel/docs/spanish-trans-team'
refs: #12225
Fix formatting (refs: #12433).
Robustness++ (refs: #12433)
Don't match unrelated files (refs: #12433).
Fix typo (refs: #12433).
Merge remote-tracking branch 'emmapeel/doc/transmemory'
refs: #12433
Fix URLs.
Add UDFs for 3.2 and 3.2~rc1.
updated PO files
Fix PO file.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into web/release-3.0
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'ulrike/feature/12155+transfer_purpose'
Merge remote-tracking branch 'chre/review/xin/3.0/news' into web/release-3.0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'xin/translate/donation' into web/release-3.0
[fr] translate 2.12 security advisory