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Release process: automate a bit more and support running on Debian sid.
tails-iuk release process: libdist-zilla-plugin-localemsgfmt-perl is now in Debian.
Release process: update URLs.
Release process: better start downloading first, it'll take a while.
Add missing release step: we now ship our own Tor.
Calendar: remove past entries.
Release process: simplify and automate more.
Release process: formatting improvements.
Publish the upgrade to 1.4.1 on the alpha channel.
Updating trace file after uploading 1.4.1.
Add script to compress images
Release process: ensure we're using the correct directory.
Release process: make text easier to copy'n'paste.
Reflow too long line.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'drwhax/doc-9335-add-coppersurfer-tracker'
Closes: #9335
Add missing release step for little-t-tor.
This doc update was forgotten, and in turn I forgot to apply the patch
when preparing our package initially :/
That was a typo...
Syntax fix.
Syntax fix.
Add a blueprint to specify the automated test suite deployment.
blueprint/monitor_servers: precision.
blueprint/monitoring_servers: precisions.
Requirements coherence.
updated PO files
Add press appearance
updated PO files
Merge branch 'doc/8798-torcheck-css-split' (Closes: #8798)
Remove spam
updated PO files
Add known issue and workaround for MacBook Pro 5,1 17".
updated PO files
Use full HTML inside <div> (#9356)
Also add white lines between HTML code that can occur more than once in
a page to prevent translation issues.
Clarify the context (#9356)
This is meant for emails mostly while this documentation is meant to be
generic (and use emailing as a example scenario). Decrypting in Tails
OpenPGP Applet, for example, doesn't not create this problem.
Add note for translators (#8798)
Align onion logo a bit better
- Lower to compensate visually the bottom alignment
- Put a bit more to the left to align with other labels in the sidebar
Reduce a bit the left margin of #tor_check not to go out of the sidebar (#8798)
Align #tor_check on the left in all cases (#8798)
Remove past events from calendar.
Add missing images
updated PO files
Be more consistent with the rest of the page
updated PO files
Improve phrasing
Add blueprint for doc on screenshots (#8666)
Move documentation drafts to a dedicated folder
Blueprint: add last remaining bit of the automated build thread.
Fix formatting.
Drop empty TOC.
Update bullet point numbering.
tor release doc: simplify how we add linux-libc-dev build-dep.
For some reason, the current version doesn't work once combined with
the updated systemd-removal commands => let's just make it super simple.
If it doesn't work, the build will break anyway, so we'll notice :)
Update custom tor source package preparation instructions.
The package from sid now builds with systemd support, that depends on stuff
that's not in Wheezy.
The debian/{control,rules} changes were taken from the
slaves/linux/tor-debian-master-nightly-source/misc/build-tor-sources script at
[fr] Integrate translation by syl.
Point to more resources wrt. app file access portal.
[fr] Translate new string about tails-support@
updated PO files
Make it clear that is archived.
As discussed on -project@.
Add notes to explain what's on this page
Tons of small edits
Rewrite configuration of persistent storage
Rewrite installation of final Tails
Release process: document where the list of additional manual testers is maintained.
Adding HP Pavilion dv7 to not booting Tails computer list
Reword restarting instructions
updated PO files
Fix link.
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'bitingbird/may_report'
publish report
chronological order
Time sync: report back from discussion on -ux@.
Add stats.
Avoid saying 'your computer'
It's OK to say 'you' or 'your' when useful but here 'the computer' works
Add blueprint of MAT documentation (#8416)
Additional info wrt. AppArmor hardening plans.
AppArmor hardening: dump current proposal for Evince and Totem.
Improve 'Install temporary Tails'
added new ml suggestions, moved the snippet to new location. (Closes: #9356)
Change date
Fix terminology wrt "encrypted persistent storage"
Fix terminology wrt "flash memory"
+ test scenarii
l10n stats
Dump instructions about persistence
Be neutral