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Hide empty list
Our slides could be training information, but honestly, with only them
in the list it seems a bit too much to advertise this as a list of "Training material".
Add missing contact info
Update to what we have now
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Minor typo and phrasing fixes.
Remove part already mentioned elsewhere.
Fix indentation in report.
Make it clearer we already made good progress on C.2.1 before this report.
Relax a bit the deadlines.
Remove C.2.3 which was already stated as completed.
Clarify C.2.* items status for 2016 Jan. SponsorS report.
Refine again B.2.4.
updated PO files
Add press appearance
Refine timeline for C.2.* in 2016 Jan. SponsorS report.
Refine B.2.4 for 2016 Jan. SponsorS report.
firewall.conf link was dead, replaced with ferm.conf link
fixed ttdnsd link
updated PO files
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'spriver/doc/10948-computer_icon'
updated PO files
Less 'it' and more flow
Add open question about entry guard feedback
reviewed the translation and made some changes
Initial translation
Added word
Add potential problem.
reviewed the translationd and made small corrections
Update contribute via Debian: we're based on Jessie, and OTR + anonymity teams were merged.
Monitoring: fix typoes.
reviewed and changed some terms
Initial translation
Adapted, too
Adapted changes to accordingly to each page
Add Installation Assitant to core pages
fixed a typo
reviewed and made some changes
reviewed initial translation and made some changes
Initial, not ready translation
Updated translation
Initial translation
Initial translation
Initial translation
Fixed typo
Removed Windows camouflage explanation
Updated showing of hidden files
Added whitespace
Removed superfluos word, added access for showing hidden files
icedove report and timeline.
SponsorS report: add more infra bits.
SponsorS report: draft B.4.
updated PO files
updated PO files
SponsorS report: add more C.4 work.
SponsorS report: draft a few more sections, complete some already drafted ones.
SponsorS report: TODO++
SponsorS report: TODO++
Formatting fixes.
Add new blueprint.
add more icedove reporting
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Fix XMPP server hostname.
Fix default keyboard shortcut
Add expected Firefox version to our release calendar.
It may help understanding e.g. when we'll switch major ESR versions.
Update release schedule for 2016.
Mozilla just updated theirs, and I assume we'll go on aligning ours on Tor
Browser's that will itself be aligned to Mozilla's:
Be more inclusive: tails-dev (XMPP) is for discussions among contributors, not only for "development".
Document that our current preferred chatroom for discussions among contributors is on XMPP.
Fix layout.
updated PO files
Fix application name
updated PO files