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Revert spam.
This reverts commit fe972ad9e286555662c3794f47ec2aad005061f9.
Improve wireframes after first paper test
- Clarify in header that we are verifying the *download*.
- Display progressively the three steps.
- Hide BitTorrent stuff once direct download has been chosen.
- Mention 'ISO image' less prominently.
Fix date :)
Publish August report
Add date
Improve wireframes after first paper test
- Put more emphasis on "For your security...".
- Explain why verification is important.
- Make [Next] button wider.
- Clarify steps:
1. Download
2. Verify
3. Continue installing
Update wireframes after internal feedback
updated PO files
Add missing HTML tags
If a page has the .html extension, then it should be full HTML.
added hot topic, please review
updated PO files
Use a better anchor
Fix 3.1 -> 3.2~rc1 incremental upgrade instruction vs #13625.
updated PO files
[fr] translate partners page
Update two links
Make partner images transparent
Improve partner page CSS.
Remove obsolete link
Update Starter tasks links
Add PO files for the partners page.
Fix typo in img directive so that the ExpressVPN logo appears.
partners page: don't try to load non-existing JS script.
Merge remote-tracking branch '451f/feature/12518+toggle_partners'
Closes: #12518, #12646, #14565
Checklist for updating po_translatable_pages: document how to refresh the website.
Tell people what they need to do for real.
Improve documentation for translatable pages
Revert "Create a file with common js functions"
This reverts commit 59208c210233e24550cb9994a4af61dc92cbd27b.
Remove homemade toggle instructions
use internal links
Add a link to the doc about Creating a new repository instead of giving directly sysadmins adress
Add Debian maintainer to roles list
Fix a link
Add more detailed information and benefits. will-fix: #14565
fix syntax
Add doc for september
Move 'Why'-section up.
Re-Add partner ExpressVPN. Branches had diverged too much already.
Move closing thingy to top.
Improve togglable style for partners page
Merge branch 'master' into feature/12518+toggle_partners
Fix toggle directive syntax errors...
Add known issue for 3.2~rc1: GNOME screen keyboard broken.
Refs: #14675
updated PO files
[fr] update translation
updated PO files
Use simplier verb form
Apply GDSG
Add requirement for RT for help desk
update press page
Fixup 3.2~rc1 announcement.
I picked a poor "template"...
Update calendar.
releasing version 3.2~rc1
Updating trace file after uploading 3.2~rc1.
Update upgrade-description files.
Remove spam.
Cross-reference overlapping blueprints.
Blueprint: mention PackageKit (refs: #14594).
This reverts commit 74260c5e9a35d17c05af8e95315fc914f6793b0e
This reverts commit 74260c5e9a35d17c05af8e95315fc914f6793b0e
This reverts commit 74260c5e9a35d17c05af8e95315fc914f6793b0e
This reverts commit 74260c5e9a35d17c05af8e95315fc914f6793b0e
This reverts commit 74260c5e9a35d17c05af8e95315fc914f6793b0e
This reverts commit 74260c5e9a35d17c05af8e95315fc914f6793b0e
This reverts commit 5037e787af69f8daa3cde9fa98007fc61233643e
This reverts commit 6a95b2cd771977c1b449f68442a77c2045778586
updated PO files
Blueprint: drop duplicate pointer.
Mary Meeker is the author of the "Kleiner Perkins: 2017 Internet trends" report
so I think these two bullet points actually refer to the same document.
Blueprint: add link.
Restore removed links and update them
Update links
Update a link
Unfuzzy translations
updated PO files
Doc: don't pretend that doc/advanced_topics/wireless_devices documents how to enable Bluetooth.
commit:613b14c689c9b5d94361e90d4f9623fc27fdcef9 commented out that documentation
because it was not up to our doc standards; fair enough, but as a result we have
a meaningless link to non-existent documentation, which is not great either.
Add HTML anchor.
Reproducible build doc: fix typo.
Thankfully we're not using PGP :)
We're generally using the GnuPG implementation of the OpenPGP standard.
Reproducible build doc: split ISO and IUK sections.
This way, we can make it clear that there are two methods to verify an ISO,
while previously we had three methods (2 for ISO images and 1 for IUKs)
following each other ⇒ better semantics.
While I'm at it, point to the doc for building IUKs as one can't verify
something they have not built in the first place.
Reproducible build doc: make link text more specific.
Reproducible build doc: restructure and rephrase the verification section.
… to be closer to our doc guidelines.
Reproducible build doc: s/sum/checksum/
i.e. technical correctness as a "sum" is not well-defined in this context.
Reproducible build doc: jargon--