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test report : more infos
add TOC
test report : backup persistent files with grsync
releasing version 1.0~rc1
Update status and ticket numbers.
This Puppet code was refactored and published.
Fix typos.
Improve, fix, clarify various test steps.
updated PO files
Document that the RM should ask tails-testers@ to test tentative ISOs.
Stop taking pt-br translations from Git, apart from the web site.
Updating trace file after uploading 1.0~rc1.
Update upgrade-description files.
(de) flapflap: minor fixes and missing strings translated
(de) u's review
updated PO files
Make it clearer we're interested in regression testing too.
updated PO files
Add announce tag.
Update publishing date.
Integrate velope's review and suggestions. Thanks!
(fr) fix another link
(fr) typo, fix link
Add summit dates.
Move a few known issues to the top.
Change publication date.
Make it clear that one should use a computer that supports stable Tails, for the first steps.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into doc/test-uefi
updated PO files
Add slashdot.
Language fixes
Add draft call for testing.
Removed old dates from calendar.
Update calendar for the Tails 1.0 release.
updated PO files
Widen the three-blocks layout
Fix HTML on Support page
Use sentence capitalization for titles
Add press appearance
Add UEFI test report
updated PO files
Improve phrasing
- Reuse formulation
- Say "hardware" instead of "material"
- Say "start" instead of "boot"
Reformat titles
Fix English
updated PO files
Grammar fix.
Fix English
Add "bridge mode" design docs.
refs #6323 small improvement
refs #6323 smaller title padding
refs #6323 integrating esperals changes on boxed titles to css
refs #6323 integrating esperals changes on boxed titles to css
(de) preserved translated strings (from download page) about upgrading USB disk/SD card
(de) preserved translated strings (from download page) about burning DVDs
(de) preserved translated strings (from download page) about DVDs, USB disks, and SD cards
(de) preserved some translated strings (from download page) about starting Tails
(de) translated/updated the rest of security page
(de) preserved translation of citations from download page
add another link to "Tails does not start"
add references to "Tails does not start"
add l10n tricks
Merge branch 'master' into nivatius-download, delete strings also removed in master to resolve conflicts
updated PO files
FAQ: Create an Installation section
updated PO files
Add Wired article. is discontinued
updated PO files
Merge contribute/faq into support/faq
(de) wiki download page: added u's suggestions for language improvement
Add FAQ to Support page
Add link to Tor FAQ and Stack Exchange
updated PO files
Remove double space
Merge remote-tracking branch 'matsa/translation'
adding 2 new problematic USB sticks
Rework FAQ on Unsafe Browser
- Avoid contractions: "it's" → "it is"
- Shorten by merging the first two sentences
- Avoid blurry words like "work"
- Explicit what happens when you download files
Fix translations
updated PO files
Stop linking to empty pages
Fix PO file
Rescue translations
updated PO files
Improve markup
updated PO files
Add missing pages from previous commit
updated PO files