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updated PO files
Add file left out from the renaming
Move download.inline into inc/steps
At the moment we are not considering having a replacement of the
/download page, so since we are renaming this file anyway let's move it
where it belongs: next to the other steps.
Add back files in HTML (see previous commit)
Temporarily remove some markdown files with mostly HTML
We want to rename them as .html to benefit from po4a on translations so
we remove them first, before adding them again (to prevent breaking the
Test change in IDF
Revert "Test outdated extension"
This reverts commit bdcbaa33f00523e8b6290236e70dd781185320a4.
Test outdated extension
updated PO files
Revert "Download fake ISO from for UX testing"
This reverts commit 3ad2b1bdf8d6deaa90aee9fdeb2ae85e56aa5945.
updated PO files
Add press appearence in Turkish
Update calendar with version numbers after 2.0
We'll do a major release on the following one (March 8) since 2.0 will
be frozen in December 11.
Change semantics of odd and even version numbers
This allows having 2.0 (even) as a major release. It's also more
consistent with other project, such as GNOME, where even numbers mean
"big" releases with significant changes for the user.
updated PO files
Draft blueprint about improved additional software packages
Draft blueprint about WhisperBack improvements for frontdesk
+ stats
Update PO files.
Optimize Free software logo.
It's the remaining biggest optimization suggested by PageSpeed about our
home page.
Optimize website banner.
While we should be careful not to blindly rewrite all images from our
Git repo as it may grow .git with little benefit, banner.png is on every
page of our website, so optimizing it by more than 50% can be worth it.
Fix time zone.
Update calendar for Tails 1.8.
Add 2.0 betas release schedule.
Release schedule: s/rc2/rc1.
We'll do one or two betas, but only once RC.
Fix indentation.
Update calendar.
reviewed and made one change
Add missing scenarios
Add missing scenario
Remove extra word
Reviewed review and made small edit's
Add missing scenario
Fix typo
Reviewed review, fixed one typo
reviewed the translation and made some changes
more pushed translations
Use a slightly bigger ISO for UX testion
The smaller one had no shutdown button and persistence configuration :(
merged sprivers translation and fixed conflicts
"merged" sprivers commit by hand and reviewed the translation. made some small changes
updated PO files
We don't have <code> in scenario-dependent bits
updated PO files
Don't download on Mac clone
Fix PO file compatibility with Jessie's i18nspector.
This validates just fine with i18nspector 0.20.1-1, I guess we'll need
a backport.
Add UDFs for 2.0~beta1.
updated PO files
Revert "Use relative links to avoid reloading the page"
This reverts commit 29d8b7f3768f8da46ecfb2f4c441bee93e5c78e5.
Add some CSS for steps
Format URL as code instead of links
Mark screenshots as such
More style by Tchou
Use white on purple buttons in DAVE
updated PO files
Merge branch 'web/10508-testing-setup'
updated PO files
Remove extra line
Remove counter from overview
Remove extra spaces
Add scenario-dependent bits
Merge remote-tracking branch 'tchou/web/10580-upgrade-overview'
Unfuzzy translations.
updated PO files
Fix more HTML syntax and remove test file.
updated PO files
updated PO files
Fix HTML syntax.
Remove PO files without any corresponding page source.
Upgrade clone and upgrade tails overviews
Remove empty files
Use more specifics install-clone styles
Fix broken link
Fix broken link
Fix broken link
Add a copy of install
There seems to be a bug on the server. If this one works better, then
the bug is confirmed. Sorry for the noise...
Add back install in HTML
Remove install.mdwn before moving it to HTML
Fix broken link
Remove duplicated button from bad merge
Add CSS counter for steps
The total of steps is hardcoded in the CSS for the scenario. CSS
counters can't calculate the total before reaching the end of the page.
Don't download when cloning
Merge branch 'web/10432-upgrade-router'
Use same title as in router
I think that saying "Clone from another Tails" here was on purpose,
taking for granted that people would already know what "clone" means in
this context. But let's try the other way first...
Fix typo
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/web/9209-improve-overview'
Use relative links to avoid reloading the page