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Merge branch 'master' into feature/9308-dont-index-installation-instructions
Merge branch 'master' of into translate/misc23
updated PO files
Fix sentence
Fix and shorten titles
Make it clear that the first line is a title to the group
Add reference book
Add anchors
Fix markdown
Improve 'Communications' sections
Cris is based in the United States
They can't be living in Mexico and traveling to Mexico at the same time.
Use consistent titles
Draft Riou's motivations
Add title to each persona
Merge 'Occupation' and 'Background'
We have little information on 'Occupation' and it would fit better in a
demographic summary of the persona.
Draft 'privacy geek'
Use a more Spanish name
I checked again with her at IFF
[fr] update translation
updated PO files
Link to open tickets only: we're investigating more and need more test results
Fix link to NVIDIA Pascal
Improve grammar
Style 'Troubleshooting Mode' consistently
Translate inline
updated PO files
three typos
updated PO files
Debian is now Stretch
Don't index pages of the installation assistant (Will-fix: #9308)
They don't have much navigation so people coming from search engines
might be lost. Also, see the steps without seeing the overview would be
a handicap.
It's a shame because the installation scenarios are well referenced by
search engines.
Create blueprint on user survey (#14545)
Fix instructions to backup limesurvey (Closes: #15467)
Add metaphor of open relationship
made a tiny improvement
Updated translation
Completed and updated translation
Improved wording, removed superfluous whitespace
Translated new strings
Unfuzzied string and updated translation
Updated to match with title of page
2018-03 report: fix translation stats.
Apparently I messed it up initially: there were no Spanish stats.
Update a few distro codenames: Jessie → Stretch (refs: #12152)
Drop Ubuntu codenames that we don't manage to maintain (refs: #12152)
Instead, link to a place that has up-to-date info.
Fix distro name (refs: #12152)
Salvage updates from src:tails-installer's debian/README.source (refs: #12152)
That file was deleted to avoid duplication but some of its improvements
were lost in the process.
Fix phrasing (refs: #12152)
This work needs to be started much earlier.
Start reworking FF60 porting schedule.
Improve phrasing.
Remove broken link.
Fix title level
Point to /support/known_issues/graphics from /support/known_issues
As not everybody will go to this page from the GDM error message on
their screen.
Migrate virtual machines to /support/known_issues/graphics
Migrate misc Intel cards to /support/known_issues/graphics
The list of affected cards is empty since they are added on each release
to ./chroot_local-includes/usr/share/live/config/xserver-xorg/intel.ids.
The bug reporting instructions from the previous version are the ones
that we are already giving for when GDM fails to start.
[fr] update translation
Migrate Intel GM965 to support/known_issues/graphics
I'm assuming that both the '(primary)' and '(secondary)' versions are
Migrate Intel 855GM to /support/known_issues/graphics
Migrate switchable graphics to /support/known_issues/graphics
Add vendor to family name
Migrate NVIDIA Pascal to /support/known_issues/graphics
Migrate NVIDIA Maxwell to /support/known_issues/graphics
Migrate Radeon R9 to /support/known_issues/graphics
From #12218#note-29 I understand that this is Hawaii PRO.
Add template for new section
Migrate Radeon HD to /support/known_issues/graphics
Last updated is not so helpful because entries will group many different graphics cards
Point to /support/known_issues from /support/known_issues/graphicsw
Add note about /usr/share/misc/pci.ids
Instrut people to send a photo of the screen to prevent tipos, etc.
Improve scanability
Split sentence in two
People should identify and report the revision number as well
Use an example with a revision number
first version
updated pt doc/first_steps/, trailing periods, automatic translations, headers
updated big text
updates pt doc/sensitive_documents/ headers
updates pt doc/sensitive_documents/ headers unfuzzy
Fix version number
updates wiki/src/news/ pt
better headers
security/ pt headers and automatic translations
headers for better i18n support