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Improve phrasing (Closes: #7924)
- Add markup around coding terms.
- Avoid slashes in English.
Move explanation about torrc at the beginning (#7924)
- We need to give some context before talking about ExcludeExitNodes.
- Avoid saying 'root'.
- Explain what are the risks.
Improve title (#7924)
- Make it shorter (let's pretend people reading this understand what
are exit nodes).
- Mention `torrc` explicitly (people do ask about that for other
Add original patch from ticket (#7924)
Update repo for matsa
Point to #9018 from build website instructions
Report back on more AppArmor policy auditing.
Report back after auditing some AppArmor bits.
Point to discovered issue.
Correctly format link.
Add URL to test extension install process
Add anchor
Update where we are
Fixed string
updated PO files
updated PO files
Added German wikipedia link
Minor edit's
+ doc report
[fr] Unfuzzy string.
updated PO files
Revert "added MacBook Air 6,1 to Broadcom known issues"
This reverts commit d0148bce6583f86d41383fc822af5b408f6c22cb.
As explained in <>, that commit introduced
incorrect and potentially misleading information.
updated PO files
Merge branch 'doc/7268-features_links' (Closes: #7268)
updated PO files
Merge branch 'faq/7270-preinstalled_tails' (Closes: #7270)
Merge branch 'doc/9019-new_identity' (Closes: #9019)
Explain the consequences
Remove section about plausible deniability
- This is a project so it's hard to document things before they exist.
- The term "clone" here meant something different than usual. It meant
cloning the block device, not cloning using Tails Installer.
Many minor rephrasing
changed 2 minor strings to unify the listing
It's not complicated as such but rather a bad idea
revied sprivers translation, added a sentence and changed a little something
Remove bold
Bold is interesting to make it easy to scan big chunks of text but we
should avoid using them on pages where bold is used to GUI labels and
Instructions to delete the persistent volume don't apply as such
- Step 1 might delete other partitions on the device.
- Steps 3 and 4 do not apply as this is not a Tails device.
Improve phrasing
Fix copy/paste from persistence
Fix typography
Avoid 'etc.'
Those are introduced as example, so we're not pretending to be
exhaustive here.
Add semantic markup
Fix HTML markup
Format commands as usual in a <pre> section
Improve phrasing
Fix orthography
Move tip where it is most relevant to the user
updated PO files
updated PO files
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into doc/7225-fake_keys
Add optional conjunctions
Add <p> to fix vertical alignment
Fix sentence
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into faq/9111-gnome
Make wording more consistent with the rest of our documentation
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into doc/8419-persistence_link_features
Remove double space
Use 'later' instead of 'newer' as of Apple and Microsoft style
Use 'execute' instead of 'issue' for commands
Minor rephrase
Explain what need to be achieved
Rephrase to simplify structure
GDSG says 'GNOME Desktop' but 'desktop environment'
Reformat enumeration as bullet list
Rephrase to simplify structure
Avoid contractions
Don't misuse ellipsis
Futhermore, both the Apple and Microsoft style guide recommend "and so
on" instead of the Latin abbreviation "etc.".
Import content for Windows USB scenario as such
Add verisioning to URL for browser extension
Detail URL scheme for Windows USB scenario
Update ISO size for 1.3.2
Use relative font size
Remove duplicate CSS
Make ISO size command use no locale
Otherwise we might sometimes have ',' and some other times '.'.
Make ISO size indication work for gigabytes
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into web/7417-add-iso-size
added SanDisk Extreme 64GB to known issues