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Remove spam
Experiments with Acer Chromebook.
Remove spam
[fr] improve Installation Assistant
Consertando headers
Criando página
[fr] translate 4 images
[fr] fix an error in the download page
Revert spam.
This reverts commit dcbee4ebc9588b7d3e78dad704e221be6e66b826.
Robust time sync: clarify and update blueprint.
are nike air max for running
Design: add another useful link.
Design: correction about Tor Launcher.
[fr] update translation
Publish 3.0~beta2 -> 3.0~beta3 upgrade on the alpha channel.
I forgot that we default to the alpha channel on betas.
[fr] update translation
updated PO files
Force newline.
Release process: use higher level tools to extract information from debian/changelog.
This -S option is available since dpkg 1.17.0, which is in Jessie and newer.
updated PO files
System requirements: s/any/most/ to be a bit more humble, and then be more affirmative wrt. what we do know (refs: #12337).
System requirements: point to the known issues page (refs: #12337).
System requirements: document the fact that Tails 3.0 will require a 64-bit processor.
refs: #12337
releasing version 3.0~beta3
Add announcement for Tails 3.0~beta3.
Add Tails 3.0-beta3 OpenPGP signature.
Updating trace file after uploading 3.0~beta3.
Update upgrade-description files.
Add topic to the agenda
Release process: simplify.
Release process: fix DEB* variables.
Make it clear we have no buildds.
I've just seen someone expect that uploading a source package would be enough.
Improve the APT custom repo doc.
Fix custom APT repo doc.
Be more precise wrt. when one needs to upload the orig tarball.
Fix file extension.
Revert spam.
This reverts commit bfb104ef680e40737bb716c20ae7e5086443e1fb.
Revert spam.
This reverts commit 1c788e038e6869e186e72d15bbc7cf93327f3883.
Add Stretch sprint #6.
This reverts commit 7609438f2d5131697d73732aba4e60d2a1640d73
Split very long sentence into two
Fix links to images
Take a decision regarding the Formats option
Add information about .orig in the .changes file
Revert spam
This reverts commit 1566677d9c97c78d9224d10740691b7513398bf3.
Add version to donate link
Remove superfluous word
Grammatical improvement
Fix typos
Add instructions for dput
Custom APT repository doc: add missing step.
Custom APT repository doc: simplify phrasing and drop implementation details.
Custom APT repository doc: clarify where to look.
Custom APT repository doc: clarify the current status of giving SSH access to developers.
Custom APT repository doc: point to external doc for implementation details.
Custom APT repository doc: simplify.
Add note on names
Add intercept interview
Add static anchors
Add intercept interview
Link Code of Conduct and Social Contract together
translate.vm updates
Use the official name of the Tor Social Contract
Add missing word.
Add note of preventing spam
Add note about backups
Add data source for personas
Add data source for personas
Add notes about research plans for VeraCrypt
Add data source for personas
Be more personal
Create blueprint for Portuguese team
Including sajolidas remarks
Add UDF:s for Tails 2.11.1.
Fix-committed: #12326
Adding templates from latest ikiwiki version
using templates from ikiwiki version 3.20170111.
Modify these templates simply to exlude the parts which
generate the "Posted" timestamps.
Add Icecast to the wish list
Revert spam.
This reverts commit edef3ce1554369261a6af9f3676e582dec24044f.