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+ slides for Mini DC in report
Fix typos
We tested with 'copy' and not 'clone'
Replace URL versioning by flag in the HTML code
We can still keep the URL versioning on the image description file, as
we do for the update description file.
We can do YAML
Fix URL scheme
Change title
List possible upgrade scenarios (Will-fix: #9319)
The Insallation Assitant will point to the doc for virtualization
Add missing word.
updated PO files
Add press appearance
Clarify blueprint.
Add another idea to track our delta with Debian.
Update blueprint: Debian derivatives patch generation is back up!
Add Jenkins resources wrt. restarting VMs between jobs.
Persistent Tor state: add current analysis, proposal, drawbacks and open issues.
Import more info from Redmine.
Move link to ticket to the big picture section.
Import info from Redmine.
Add empty blueprint.
Time sync blueprint: draft proposal.
Time sync blueprint: add requirements.
Add more info about Windows 8 and Tor plans.
Reorganize blueprint.
Import info from Redmine.
Improve blueprint formatting.
Review of translation and minor edit
translated two missing strings
Postpone mediating access to the microphone via AppArmor.
Update blueprint: that fix was released already.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/8617-delete-obsolete-Git-branches'
updated PO files
translated new and fixed fuzzy strings
Improve phrasing
Fix typo
Embed extension version in download page
updated PO files
Remove excessive new line
Add missing punctuation.
Add Tails 1.5 release schedule.
Remove obsolete step from the release process.
The sidebar is apparently not embedded in any CGI wrapper -related page,
so that's not needed anymore.
updated PO files
Update screenshot to new MH path
Fix path for local MH mailbox
- The previous '~' was added for extra clarity but occurred to be not
interpreted by Claws Mail.
- Used an unconventional "command" markup to for extra clarity.
Rephrase and reformat design doc about proprietary firmware.
Refs: #9353
Refs: #9353
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into doc/9353-firmware
Docker pointers++
Change a bit RM sharing schedule.
More Docker info and test reports.
Update Docker blueprint.
Update Docker availability.
Add 1.4.1 release schedule.
Remove past calendar entries.
Add draft HTML for extension page (#9384)
Warn that the TrueCrypt replacement is a thing of the past now.
updated PO files
tor debian advisory typo
Merge branch 'testing'
Add MFSA:s to 1.3.2 security notice.
updated PO files
Add missing word
Clarify open question wrt attacks from inside the browser
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into testing
releasing version 1.4
Remove long-term known issue from release notes.
Add known issue for current state of #9326.
Fix an incomplete sentence in blueprint.
Thanks Alan for reporting it.
Yay for GRUB2's syslinux configuration support.
Add alpha channel incremental upgrade path from 1.3.2 to 1.4.
This will ease testing of the 1.3.2_to_1.4 IUK.
Updating trace file after uploading 1.4.
Add alpha channel incremental upgrade path from 1.4~rc1 to 1.4.
This will ease testing of the 1.4~rc1_to_1.4 IUK.
Update upgrade-description files.
Merge branch 'doc/9352-gedit-shortcut' into testing (Closes: #9352)
updated PO files
Merge branch 'doc/9336-keyboard_bug' (Closes: #9336)
Rewrite known issue (#9336)
- Shorten title
- Avoid future
- Improve GNOME terminology
Make anchor consistent with the others
updated PO files
Be affirmative instead of negative (#9226)
We need HTML markup inside of <div>
Revert "formatting (nothing else) (#9226)"
This reverts commit 087deb3b1e44c61845b1c40bb6fdeb9a7de1c541.
Update version and date for 1.4.
Add some documentation and pointers about Git submodules.
Refs: #7221
updated PO files
Fix grammar
updated PO files
Mention the need to init+update submodules after cloning the main Git repo.
Refs: #7221