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Fix dates
Create monthly report templates for all of 2017
Calendar: specifics for Tails 2.11.
Calendar: s/bertagaz/anonym/ as Tails 2.11 RM.
one smal change
Incorporate intrigeri's feedback.
Add link to email discussion.
Release process: fix url when looking up APT snapshot expiries.
* The use of ${RELEASE_BRANCH} worked by coincidence since it can be
either 'stable' or 'testing', and there happens to also exist Debian
code names like that, and we set the same expiry for all of
them. Let's fix on 'stable' which always should exist.
* The old url was only pointing to the 'debian' archive, and never
e.g. the 'torproject' one.
Refs: #12171
Add screenshots
Add skeleton for a blueprint (refs: #12079).
[fr] update translation
[fr] fix some errors
Social contract: make headings consistent.
updated PO files
Press page: add hidden, toggleable section for 2016.
Unfuzzy more strings.
[fr] update translation
[fr] Unfuzzy strings.
Update and unfuzzy PO files.
Update recommended memory size for VirtualBox and virt-manager to match our current system requirements.
updated PO files
Add missing punctuation
Remove dead link
Update links
Mention Tails Server
Improve formatting.
Tails Server: add CryptPad.
add ticket for current weblate install
Add HTML anchor.
Document the Weblate service.
It's not operational yet, but at least let's document where the Puppet code
lives, and who the admins are.
Removed deprecated lines
updated PO files
Add media appearance.
Press page: move 2016 to "older", add 2017.
Revert spam.
This reverts commit dad8b7047eef0c7c4a860b4ccf160eec1d9b13cd.
Revert spam.
This reverts commit 98c1a62e13766bcedb5ede80bf2deed7451ce22f.
Revert spam.
This reverts commit 3d2233f656466767a9e7753e50daa8a9d0e6df72.
This reverts commit 1ac2b509dc4253f93ed13c9c911bff56b41f6001
This reverts commit 4eb5edb0a56b303b9b5b95418c9184297086745b
Update one more PO file.
Update PO files, and unfuzzy dozens of them.
typo in doc/anonymous_internet/electrum
review of translation and some minor changes
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into web/12053-faster-build
fix wording
fix merge conflict
Fixed grammar commas
Changed order of wording
better english
Monthly report: add (last?) missing number.
Monthly report: move images to a better spot.
Monthly report: improve phrasing and styling.
Monthly report: fix link.
Monthly report: add some bits.
Monthly report: TODO++
Monthly report: fix typos.
Monthly report: move 3.0~beta1 to the month when it happened.
Monthly report: make date format consistent with our usual one.
Add skeleton for February report.
Add resource.
updated PO files
Known issues: sort computer brand/model in lexical order.
Formatting improvement.
Remove headers for empty sections.
Fix publication date.
[fr] update translation
Merge remote-tracking branch 'chre/review/AtomiKe/3.0-beta' into review/chre/3.0-beta
fix minor wording stuff in the release notes
Improve report jan 2017
Fill in report data
remove writer of previous report
Add blueprint for monthly report
Force website refresh.
Initial translation
Initial translation
Adapted translation
Adapted translation to new version