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Improve command line arguments
Publish May report
Let's not only use genderneutral names, but also genderneutral pronouns.
Document how to prepare video clips from user testing recordings
hot topics help desk
This is a test commit for testing a script on the weblate VM. I'm not able to do that without going through the real process.
Polish report
Revert spam.
This reverts commit 5f86a70713af4ebd2d959f5a5ad59008b740461b.
This reverts commit 7d555467817e849beb756dae4b72de9167320bc7
This reverts commit 575e3aa41d0792543ce759cfd5263888f79bfff6
This reverts commit a5bbe076908f0d47e08fa4813a590af8d1d0a18a
This reverts commit d1bad81d685751b562d2240b3c352eb2aa662973
This reverts commit 7d555467817e849beb756dae4b72de9167320bc7
hide completed translations in weblate
Rename blueprint
better phrasing
Add blueprint for DrWhax
Prepare personas for July meeting
Merge branch 'master' of
Add meeting
Monthly meeting: take a couple shifts.
Calendar: add monthly meetings until the end of the year.
Calendar: drop past events.
Monthly meeting: remove past discussions.
Strategic planning: implement decision from 2018-06 meeting.
updated PO files
Publish report
Update OTF report for May.
Release process: document a bit more how to delete the previous release + mention Bittorrent.
Disable localized Atom and RSS feeds for security/.
It makes little sense to keep those enabled when we have no localized RSS feeds
for our blog posts (even though this page is not affected by the bugs that news/
suffers from, presumably thanks to not mixing up Markdown and HTML pages).
Disable localized Atom and RSS feeds for news/.
They've been broken half of the time forever so I can't imagine anyone relying
on them. We spend way too much time trying to fix them as part of each release
process, just to see them broken again next time someone pushes a translation or
a new blog post.
Moreover, feed clients pick them up as soon as a new blog post is published and
at that time it's not been translated yet so in practice, in the huge majority
of the cases, readers will get the English version anyway.
updated PO files
Wrap inline commands in div:s so that po4a can split them into different strings.
This will make it easier to treat these two inline commands differently
in PO files.
updated PO files
Drop (or update) references to a bunch of obsolete tickets.
Manual test suite: record known limitations.
Manual test suite: Thunderbird is not expected to use a dedicated SOCKS port anymore.
Manual test suite: ignore some unreliable panopticlick test results.
Manual test suite: clarify what version of TB our fingerprint should be compared to.
Design doc: fix incorrect legal terminology (Closes: #15639).
releasing version 3.7.1
Release process: clarify.
Release process: make capitalization of commit messages more consistent.
Release process: make copy'n'paste-based pseudo-automation more efficient.
Release process: make pseudo-automation more efficient by dropping comments that paraphrase the code.
Make time-based snapshots commands safer to run by checking that required variables are set.
Updating trace file after uploading IUKs for 3.7.1.
Add incremental upgrades on the test channel for Tails 3.7.1
Update upgrade-description files.
Release process: clarify what the `--next-version "${VERSION:?}.1"` argument means and how to adjust it.
Release process: don't tell to remove an argument that's not listed anyway.
Release process: grammar fix.
We now upload >1 IUKs in most cases.
Updating trace file after uploading 3.7.1.
Update IDF file for Tails Verification.
Release process: ensure the tag is pushed by the time the branch is.
Release process: replace obsolete codename with generic dist name.
(Jessie, seriously?)
Update version and date for 3.7.1.
Release process: clarify what to do (and *not* do) for feature/buster.
Clarify the status of the reproducibility part of the release process (refs: #12629)
Revert spam.
This reverts commit 146527c44ee7b847c4948f25f3866e876b1a3e16.
Add 3.8 release schedule.
We did more than 'starting'
Revert "This reverts commit 07a46c3cdadc84bc304a526ea12b2c417906f676"
This reverts commit 7d41ff759a42df56ae24112a00f0519d9511d467.
This reverts commit f95da4b4553b9188e051b3f434dfd30bd54c4c5b
This reverts commit 07a46c3cdadc84bc304a526ea12b2c417906f676
Added my bits /segfault
B6 user doc has been started
Correct objective number and add ASP beta release as part of this milestone.
Add 2018-06 meeting notes & logs.
Move asp beta to Code section
add asp beta and other releases
Monthly meeting: add rows for facilitator & notetaker until the end of 2018.
Add my bits of the report for May
Add stats
2018-05 report: add stats.
2018-05 report: add my bits.
2018-05 report: fix ikiwiki shortcut syntax.
SponsorW 2018-05 report: copy & adjust template.
updated PO files
Update and unfuzzy PO files.
The changed string is not translatable so all languages get the English version.
Update WhisperBack launcher name (refs: #6432).
Document who maintains the verification extension
Write my bits of the monthly report
This is infra
make link.