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Reproducible builds: draft plan for the infrastructure part.
Publish the WebM video used in some tests on our website.
We already depend on our website working so that is fine, but this way
we don't depend on working, which it wasn't a few minutes
Be more affirmative.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Start drafting a plan for reproducible builds.
Draft Jenkins vs reproducible builds blueprint.
Update PO files
Fix URLs as requested by Access Now
Reproducible builds / "why?": clarify some bits.
Reproducible builds / static build env: clarify a few details.
Expand on idea.
Musings about static build environments.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/contrib/9746-business-cards'
fixed typo
HTTP mirror pool: draft deployment plan.
HTTP mirror pool: update the whole plan to match what we are actually doing.
Don't clean up the test IUK.
Fix a few issues with the test IUK.
Add UDFs used for our upcoming automated test.
Refs: #6309
Freezble APT repo: update TODO.
Move more content to feature/5926-freezable-APT-repository.
Move discarded option to the relevant section.
Move content to feature/5926-freezable-APT-repository.
Reviewed translation, small stylistic improvement
Add Service Specification
updated PO files
Set publication date for a few old news.
Otherwise, they appear on top of
due to the time the corresponding .it.po file was created.
Remove *.it.po for security announces that are not translatable anymore.
Delete .it.po for pages that are not translatable anymore.
Update PO files.
Fixed "inline" pages
Fixed bugs from a unclean merge
Added link to italian team
prime pagine dell''assistente di installazione translated
clone e mezzo debian
team file
Freezable APT repo: clean up blueprint.
Move some stuff to the design doc (in
feature/5926-freezable-APT-repository), move some other stuff to the
"Bonus for later" section, and delete obsolete content.
Remove stuff that was imported in the freezable APT repo design doc.
Add ticket numbers.
Add ticket numbers for the remaining tasks.
Add anchor.
Freezable APT repo: update TODO.
Clarify spec.
Rephrasing + add links to the corresponding code.
Drop info from the blueprint.
It was added to the relevant page in the topic branch.
Freezable APT repo: update TODO.
[it] Translate title, so that the inline into "support" works fine.
Update PO files.
[it] Fix trailling label. We can't use spaces there.
[it] Fix buggy link.
[it] Fix buggy inline directive target.
[it] Include the (translated) Italian index files.
Update PO files.
Convert iso-8859-1 PO file to UTF-8.
Delete obsolete PO files.
Fix buggy merge conflict resolution.
Rename section.
Sort mirrors.
Mirrors: more test results.
Update OpenPGP public key.
Make location clearer.
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'xin/removealt'
Merge remote-tracking branch 'xin/translate/fix'
Remove useless alt
reviewed the translation and made some changes
reviewed the translation and made some changes
reviewed the translation, made small changes
Update PO files
Avoid chained redirections
Deduplicate redirection
Reorganize .htaccess
Simplify Wikipedia shortcuts
- Translators can add a "desc" themselves if they need one.
- These strings were already fuzzy in all the PO files so there's
nothing to rescue.
- The last shortcut [[!wikipedia GnuPG desc="Wikipedia: %s"]] is not
inline in a sentence and so still deserves the "Wikipedia: " mention
as its source.
Remove placeholder
- It creates an empty bullet.
- Translators are not really using it.
- Translators can instead replace some of the resources in English if
something better is available in their language.
Initial translation