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Add UDF:s for Tails 2.10.
Fix-committed: #12016
Rewrap & fix formatting.
Drop 2016-12 meeting topics.
Import 2016-11 meeting notes.
Thanks to sycamoreone!
Drop info that was only useful when 16.04 was in the future (refs: #11925).
Fix punctuation (refs: #11925).
Next Ubuntu is zesty, not xenial (refs: #11925).
contribute/how/promote: point to the promotion material Git repo.
Add HTML anchor.
Drop duplicate topic.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Add 2.7.1 to the report.
Fix ikiwiki directive
Add stats
Revert "Remove h2 titles"
This reverts commit 9ef1ad2e692bbf0895b6d771367da3f1af8de75d.
Drop obsolete PO files.
Revert "Draft of the greeter alpha announce"
This reverts commit 8b40105b5a6e22fa0b5efed9d584569632d1416a.
updated PO files
This reverts commit 51aebdab4081c39feecaaafcc9487c51d44e32f1
added an event in outreach (gagz)
Draft of the greeter alpha announce
Draft of the greeter alpha announce
Make a tentative release schedule for 2017.
Dummy commit to fix website refresh.
Release process: simulate `set -u` with ${VAR:?}.
Requiring to `set -u` in the terminal won't really work since that will
break e.g. bash completion.
sed -i 's,\${\([A-Za-z_]\+\)},${\1:?},g' \
Release process: consistently refer to variables as ${VAR}.
sed -i 's,\$\([A-Za-z_]\+\),${\1},g' \
Add greeter changes
Fix the expected `gpg --verify` output for Tails 2.7.1.
Test suite maintenance: clarify what kind of refactoring is included.
Tor Browser release process: feature/stretch is now 64-bit, revisited.
updated PO files
Fix typo.
updated PO files
Write my bits of the monthly report
Remove h2 titles
This is embedded in the monthly reports and it's sometimes good to
display h2 levels in the TOC for special sections without having too
much noise.
Add anchor
Display subparts
Display subparts
Add UDF:s for Tails 2.7.2.
Current stable builds' upgrade check requires these.
Add link
Add outreach events
releasing version 2.7.1
Updating trace file after uploading 2.7.1.
Add alpha UDFs for Tails 2.7.1.
Update upgrade-description files.
Update IDF file for DAVE.
Update website PO files.
Update version and date for 2.7.1.
Tor Browser release process: feature/stretch is now 64-bit.
edited the problem part
updated PO files
Add CI tests to our reviewing guidelines.
[fr] update doc translation
Remove redundant alt
Update PO files and unfuzz strings
Down use Oxford comma in enumeration of two only
Use consistent quoting
Lower icons to be better aligned vertically with text
Say 'restart' instead of 'reboot'
Format bullet list as we usually do
Remove link
This link and the system menu screenshot provided basically the same
information: clarifying the context, so let's stick to the image that
doesn't require people to go to a different page.
Reusing that same image also makes sense as it displays the two buttons
that we are referring to.
updated PO files
Unfuzz PO file
Use consistent quoting
Since we're breaking PO strings anyway, let's clean up a bit.
Lower the icons to be better aligned vertically with text
Use more consistent alignment
Fix broken escaping of slashes
Merge remote-tracking branch 'spriver/feature/11243-OpenPGP-Applet-screenshots' into feature/11243-OpenPGP-Applet-screenshots
Update PO files
Encourage organizations specifically
Fix typo
[fr] update translation
Bump date
Update monthly meeting agenda.
Revert "This reverts commit 5961a5c0f895c6b0c1cb700fa65cc5c078bce3cd"
This reverts commit 99c1793bad05bde6b5b441e6ee69a0a7c2edd28f.
wiki/src/doc/about/openpgp_keys from xin updated by Chre
Endless upgrades: add link to Android's A/B System Updates.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'xin/translate/warning'
Revert "This reverts commit c77dda2b11541f271aaf2b29ce2f4ca9af2a24de"
This reverts commit af5f8a22e96a83e4677181f6e4096c56e02fd720.
This reverts commit c77dda2b11541f271aaf2b29ce2f4ca9af2a24de
Quote Firefox string values consistently.
Fix minor formatting issues.
Give the correct Firefox shortcut.
At least this is the case for me, and according to: