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Add HTML anchor.
Update "ship a cached pre-compiled AppArmor policy".
All the pieces we needed from AppArmor upstream and from Debian are now in place
in Buster, which allowed me to confirm all the hypothesis made in the previous
version of this text. So let's drop all hypothetical statements and instead
describe the current implementation constraints.
Drop unrealistic idea.
This idea was always a bit over-optimistic. The "ship a cached pre-compiled
policy" now appears to be very feasible so let's drop the other option.
Remove another potential problem that's not one.
The binary cache is per-profile: it's not a monolithic thing that either
entirely valid or not. So any additional AppArmor profile shipped by Additional
Software is compiled at postinst time, regardless of whether the cache for the
policy we ship by default was loaded from the USB stick or generated from
scratch at boot time.
Remove highly theoretical potential problem.
I really don't see what could lead us to add AppArmor alias rules
at login time: we already have hard-coded all the alias rules
we need.
Remove obsolete potential problem.
This is pretty well documented by now.
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/doc/15682-acer-aspire-sound'
updated PO files
We know have VeraCrypt intergration
Remove mention of dead software
Torchat is dead and I don't think that many people are still asking for
Mirroring doc: make it clear where the syntax of the example cronjob is valid.
E.g. it won't work in a user's personal crontab, where the user column
must be removed.
Revert spam.
This reverts commit c9df9b0f4b911dd7b065e21d600fb720bf3a6310.
This reverts commit 29dc18b93abd8f9418be69f21071bbf87c3fc180
Update donation counter
Update donation counter
make it clear in the extension's design doc that our extension cannot protect against phishing either. And make it clear that it is capable to verify any current ISO image, regardless of where it was downloaded from.
updated PO files
Merge remote-tracking branch 'xin/translate/misc30'
Fix links in the last report
[fr] improve translation
Replace Chrome inline installation by an explicit link french translation
Tiny typo, tiny wording fix
Adjust date of report
Publish monthly report
Delete empty line
Add language stats
Add emphasis
Fix grammar
Update donation counter
Remove SponsorW report template: we've sent our final report.
SponsorW 2018-10 report: publish (refs: #16023).
SponsorW 2018-10 report: make it clear that all tasks were completed (refs: #16023).
SponsorW 2018-10 report: finish the ASP and server hardware parts (refs: #16023).
SponsorW 2018-10 report: finish VeraCrypt part (refs: #16023).
SponsorW 2018-10 report: update B.3 status (refs: #16023).
SponsorW 2018-10 report: use consistent terminology (refs: #16023).
Fix typo.
Document our various ikiwiki configuration files and how to modify them (refs: #14588).
This page is explicitly linked from contribute/how/documentation
and will be automatically linked from contribute/how/website.
Drop doc workaround for Tor Browser bug that was fixed a while ago.
updated PO files
Add year to URL query
Remove extra Oxford comma
The Oxford comma is for lists of 3 or more items.
Add comma
Be more explicit about the idea behind this part
It's about encouraging even smaller donations.
Avoid having to explain what we mean by 'recurring'
I want a direct reference to the 1123 bug reports
Tails 3.0 was released in 2017, not in 2018
Remove trailing spaces
Don't ask for donations twice in the same paragraph
Make the title more personal
Adjust date
Remove blog post on plans for 2019
We'll work on this in #16116.
updated PO files
release_process: mention other artifacts to archive.
First done with the 3.10 and 3.10.1 releases.
Update who shall be notified in order to have ikiwiki.setup changes deployed on our production website (refs: #14588).
Deprecate .htaccess (refs: #14588)
We're not going to maintain two versions of these rewrite rules,
one in Apache language, the other in nginx-speak.
Fix link.
Fix link.
updated PO files
updated PO files
Fix a link in VeraCrypt documentation
Website: remove obsolete mfsa201n shortcuts.
Website: convert all mfsa201N shortcuts to the year-independent "mfsa" one.
Remove erroneously added page.
Shortcuts: add a generic, year-independent "mfsa" shortcut.
Shortcuts: use up-to-date URL scheme for MFSA's.
i.e. avoid unnecessary HTTP redirects.
Shortcuts: fix sorting.
Website: add shortcuts for 2019 and 2020 Debian security advisories.
My next push will trigger a full website rebuild, so I can as well
do some forward-thinking and make it more worth it.
Website: simplify by dropping "if test=".
Our website fully depends on these two plugins to be enabled
and all our ikiwiki*.setup have them, so let's avoid unnecessary
Revert spam.
This reverts commit 5059c43d522555738d80bee4496ec4b9b9d48fc5.
This reverts commit 9c9e19d64e7d92da26a1591d63110246e7309725
Let's tell translators to activate this, it will prevent them from introducting trailing whitespaces when using Git.
achievements 2018: blogpost written, ready for QA
release_process: clarify two post-release steps.