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+ edito
+ link to Amaelle's article
+ CCCamp
+ small corrections and details
+ daily stats
no code section in June
added wikipedia software comparison link
Add blueprint for CRM for frontdesk (#9803)
Check your facts because making "corrections".
updated PO files
Fix markdown
updated PO files
Add press appearance
Add Elouann's repository.
[fr] Import patch by Chre: ""
[fr] Review of 36e4640
[fr] Import the patch by Chre: "update for wiki/src/support/"
[fr] Review of c60d8b0
[fr] Import patch by Chre: "patch for wiki/src/security/"
[fr] Review of ea8a1bc
[fr] Import patch by Chre: "patch for wiki/src/news/"
Update blueprints after meetings.
Update tails release date
minor tweaks and line wrapping
Add anchor.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/9567-move-check_po-to-jenkins-tools'
Fix-committed: #9567
list of translation "work in progress"
Add empty blueprint.
Add resources wrt. sub-modules & alternatives.
June report: add infra bits.
updated PO files
Add language indication to press appearance.
The extension ensure that the download is complete
updated PO files
Add press appearance
Add one more requirement.
Clarify needs of autotests.
Minor rephrasing to avoid repetitions.
Fix typos.
update automated_tests_specs blueprint.
Unfuzzy translations.
Refs: #9701
fixed wrong link in bug_reporting/tails_does_not_start
Use Markdown syntax for external links.
Using ikiwiki -specific syntax makes it a pain to copy'n'paste such text
into Markdown documents meant to be processed by other tools.
Don't hard-code URL for internal links.
Minor rephrasing.
updated PO files
updated PO files
Shorten index
Add new page to index
Improve markup
Delete trailing whitespace
Fix GUI terminology:
- We *click* on a tab
- We *click on* a button
Add missing period
Rename to usual path for Mac
updated PO files
Update and unfuzzy PO files.
Use should instead of can for recommendation
News page: don't indent part of ikiwiki directive as if it were <pre>.
Spell out numbers from zero through nine
Unfuzzy translations.
Clarify Jenkins plugins upgrade policy.
Refs: #6214
Add boot and download stats.
Reset the monthly meeting's agenda.
Calendar: remove past entries.
Fix Markdown.
Add monthly meeting minutes.
Fix link