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+ countries between ()
corr link
Define objectives for second iteration
Add guidelines for user testing
adding secure platform as a requirement
comment why this can be useful too
add latest discussion outcomes
Properly link to the corresponding ticket.
little sentence for RightsCon
Add outreach
adding muris proposals
glossary should be a must or at least a should
+ TorBrowser AppArmor file management
Remove #8942
February -> March
+ discussion about website translation, some talks
+ miniDC Lyon
oups date for 1.4
add a release, adapt dates
more edito
Add empty lines
Aren't we going to backport Tails Installer to Jessie?
Add reference to tickets
Update Docker's availability status.
Debian Jessie may not have Docker at all in the end.
Add #8942
Add notes to blueprint
Clarify how to add the release to TWN.
Remove past release.
updated PO files
Update release process: we don't have a single RM view anymore.
Update release process: these things haven't been called "broken windows" for months.
Don't link to a ticket we've rejected as unsupported to explain why something is not supported.
Fix detached signature on 1.3 alpha channel.
Thanks to Kill Your TV for spotting it!
Updating trace file after uploading 1.3.1.
Remove 1.3~rc1 signature.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into stable
Advertise 1.3.1 on the 1.3 alpha channel.
Update upgrade-description files.
Fix some bits of the release process doc.
Update hash for 1.3.1.
Replace 1.3's signature etc. with the 1.3.1 ones.
Update PO files.
Make it clear that this is an emergency release.
Fix grammar in release process doc.
Generate PO files for new pages.
Remove obsolete release step.
This is now done with an [[!inline]] directive.
Add draft security announce against Tails 1.3.
Add draft release notes for 1.3.1.
agenda: + trademark
Add another source of information for the Changelog.
[fr] Unfuzzy and update translation.
Update website PO files.
Update version and date for 1.3.1.
Fix git annex import command.
Add 1.3.1 emergency release to the calendar.
Rename 1.3.1 to 1.3.2.
Make instructions consistent.
We use *.changes above, so let's just do the same again.
Fix page title.
Download the Tor Browser tarballs over HTTPS.
We check their hashes anyway, but hey, why not. And anyway, otherwise
this curl command doesn't work (unless one adds --location to honor
redirect — to HTTPS — headers).
Add gk's build directory to the list of candidate source locations for the Tor Browser.
Re-do the signature on the UDF as well for 1.3.1, 1.4 and 1.4~rc1.
Closes: #9085
Re-do detached signature on the 1.3/i386/stable update-description file, with our new signing key.
We've merged feature/8740-new-signing-key-phase-2 into stable a few days ago, so
the code in stable/devel/etc. only trusts the new signing key, while the 1.3 UDF
are still signed with our old signing key. Tails 1.3 trusts both the old and new
signing keys, so this should be alright both for it and for anything that has
feature/8740-new-signing-key-phase-2 merged in.
Will-fix: #9085
removed call for donations -> still taking more :)
+Press: SecureDrop at The Globe and Mail
Press: DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity
details RightsCon
+ infra: signing key
releases and code sections, a bit more infos and FIXMEs :)
additional software: it's great, but saying it once is enough :)
adding initial thoughts
remove intro (release moved -> more suited for april)
moved intro from march + squeleton
Add blueprint for translation platform
Improve drawings
Rephrase and clarify
Rephrase and clarify
Merge remote-tracking branch 'kytv/test/8955-seahorse-sync' into stable
Fix-committed: #8955
Update references to renamed script.
Remove trailing whitespaces
More rebase on upstream template
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/8740-new-signing-key-phase-2' into feature/8740-new-signing-key-phase-2
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into feature/8740-new-signing-key-phase-2
updated PO files
Improve mention
Rebase ikiwiki templates on top of upstream