Tails 0.20 was released on the 9th of August. Tails 0.20.1 release is scheduled for September 19.


  • 190 521 connections of Tails to the Tor network. This makes a boot every 14 seconds on average. This is an approximation from the requests made to the security announcements feed when Tails is connected to Tor.

  • 93 non-empty bug reports were received through WhisperBack.

  • 57 222 downloads of the OpenPGP signature of Tails ISO from our website.


Documentation and Website

On-going discussions


  • To make our infrastructure more reliable, we are still organizing to get a system that will act as a fail-over for our main server.

  • We better shared access to the round-robin DNS that gathers our HTTP mirrors. (Many thanks to those who host the mirrors, by the way!)

  • We created a bunch of sysadmin tickets as a step towards being able to ask for help in this area first, and towards being able to actually share the work with the volunteers that will show up once we have sent our call for help. Stay tuned!


  • The short-term funding project we have with sponsor Bravo is still slowly going through the paperwork stage.

  • The bounties program is moving forward (slower than we may have hoped, but still).

  • We keep working on a funding proposal to be sent to sponsor Foxtrot.