Tails summit

Five developers met for our annual summit. The summit was less dense than last year but still very productive. See the detailed report.


There was no release in July. Tails 0.20 is planned for the 9th of August.


  • 151 657 connections of Tails to the Tor network. This makes a boot every 17.7 seconds on average. This is an approximation from the requests made to the security announcements feed when Tails is connected to Tor.

  • 77 non-empty bug reports were received through WhisperBack.


Documentation and Website

Localization and Internationalization

  • All Tails strings but the website are now translatable in Transifex.
  • i18nspector was uploaded to wheezy-backports.


  • Our todo list items were migrated to Redmine.

  • Blueprints were extracted from our old todo section into the new Blueprint section to store our research and plans in a static form outside of Redmine.

  • Criterion to flag a task as easy were identified as a way to orientate better new contributors.

  • Our roadmap was updated and we defined our objectives for Tails 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0:

  • We started working on making our infrastructure more reliable: looking for a system that could act as a fail-over for our main server.


  • A short-term funding with sponsor Bravo has been tentatively confirmed and redefined, but not signed yet.

  • The contracts for the bounty program are still being signed. But some work has already been done and tested on Seahorse Nautilus, AppArmor, ikiwiki to Redmine, keyringer and libvirt.

  • We sent a concept note to answer sponsor Charlie's call for proposals.