The first Tails HackFest, which took place on July 5-6 in Paris, was a great event: about 120 people attended on Saturday, 70 people on Sunday. We shared some good workshops, some very good food, and homemade beer in a nice and friendly atmosphere.

The slides of some talks have been published, but there is more to come.

The first Tails stickers were distributed and you can also make your own! Just use this SVG file.

We are particularly happy that the HackFest attracted very different people, so we were a quite diverse assembly. Probably thanks to our "anti-harassment (thanks Genma for the frensh translation)...

Some people talked about the HackFest: jvoisin, and... more? (please send links!)

Thanks to:

  • IRILL for the use of the place
  • The Tor Project, Mozilla Foundation and Debian for the sponsorship
  • Stefano Zacchiroli and Sylvestre Ledru for the organization help
  • and of course, all our fabulous attendees that made the event so interesting and nice!

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