Tails includes several sound and video applications:

  • GNOME Sound Recorder is a simple application to record sound. Sound clips recorded using GNOME Sound Recorder are saved to the Recordings folder.

  • Audacity is a multi-track audio editor designed for recording, playing and editing of digital audio. See the official documentation.

  • Brasero is an application to burn, copy, and erase CD and DVD media: audio, video, or data. See the official documentation.

  • Sound Juicer is a CD ripper application.

These applications can be started from the Applications ▸ Sound & Video menu.

Most files contain metadata which is information characterising the content of the file. For example:

  • Cameras record data about when and where a picture was taken and what camera was used.
  • Office documents automatically add author and company information to texts and spreadsheets.

You can use the MAT to clean the metadata from your files before publishing them.