The general mission of these maintainers is to make sure that Tails translators can translate our website easily, while not compromising the safety of the rest of the Tails ecosystem. We maintain the translation platform, but not the translations.

If you want to comment on a problem with a specific translation, please contact tails-l10n.

Responsibilities of the whole team:

  • Manage the budget for this team.
  • Keep track of upcoming big changes (e.g. Weblate dropping support for the database we are using, or gaining extra non-trivial dependencies) and plan the work we will have to do to adjust.
  • Refine, update and document the translation workflow.
  • Report about the team to the rest of Tails.
  • Monitor error messages (Weblate, server, integrations).

Backend responsibilities:

  • Maintain and upgrade Weblate.
  • Maintain and improve the integration with the Tails website.
  • Maintain and improve the generation of the staging website.
  • Keep the technical design documentation up-to-date.
  • Implement backend changes needed for the translation workflow.
  • Fix crashes in the whole setup.

Frontend responsibilities:

  • Facilitate the process of adding new languages for translation:
    • Introduction of new language teams if no Tails translator takes the lead.
    • Final, more technical review when new languages are deemed ready (make sure that the new language does not break the website).
  • Drive the process to remove unmaintained languages if needed.
  • Hear feedback from translators, facilitate these discussions until they reach a conclusion, and report to upstream when needed.
  • Grant reviewer permissions (following our documented process).
  • Maintain documentation for translators.