As the manager for a team that works on a deliverable we've promised to a sponsor, you must:

Before starting to work on a deliverable

  • Ask any information needed to organize and accomplish the deliverable to the Fundraising Team (budgets, deadlines, milestones…)

  • Ensure that the workers on your team are aware of what they are responsible for in terms of self-management as well as deadlines.

While working on a deliverable

  • Facilitate discussion between team members as needed:

    • Try consensus-driven decision making.
    • Make decisions if no consensus can be found in a timely manner.
  • Ensure the workers on your team have access to the information they need. For example, by ensuring GitLab issues track the work and deadlines.

  • Ensure the workers on your team organize, communicate, and coordinate adequately to the deadlines, while maintaining a good work environment. For example, by organizing meetings and feedback sessions.

  • Regularly check the status of work vs. deadlines.

    Try to foresee upcoming problems. If you notice or foresee any problem, ensure the team is aware of the problem, and help them plan how to solve it (e.g. reassign work to someone else, reprioritize issues, verify if issues are still part of the deliverable, adjust the timeline and tell the sponsor about it as soon as possible).

  • Report to the sponsor via the accounting team about accomplished milestones as often and as detailed as specified in grant agreements.

After working on a deliverable

  • Report on status of work to the rest of the project as you see fit (e.g. mailing lists, monthly reports…)

  • Gather feedback (aftercare): ask workers what went well and what did not, and take notes on how to improve next time.

  • Send a list of leftover tasks, that were deemed out of scope or exceeded budget, to the "UX and technical debt" plate of the relevant core team. That team will triage such issues and prioritize them wrt. the many other issues we would like to work on.