The Censorship Evader

  • Is studying social science in Southeast Asia
  • Is part of a group organizing a massive protest against unpopular government policies
  • Uses Tails to promote the protest, avoid censorship, and talk to the international press with a pseudonym
To change our country and fight censorship, we're more helpful in the streets than in jail.

Primary goals

  • Access censored information online
  • Publish sensitive information
  • Hide their identity

Technology use

  • Seen as tech-savvy by their group
  • Publishes on a news website that is censored in the country
  • Teaches others how to avoid censorship
  • Uses social media as much as possible


  • Harassment and monitoring of activists
  • Lack of independent local press
  • State-sponsored trolls
  • Dissident bloggers and protesters have been jailed
  • Internet connection is slow, unreliable, and expensive


  • Achieve social change without being put under the spotlight
  • Let the world know about the situation in their country
  • Publish information that could put them in jail
  • Empower others with privacy and security tools

Background information