The Information Gatherer

  • Is a Latin-American journalist living in the US for their safety
  • Investigates corruption and human-right violations by the government and the mafia
  • Uses Tails to gather information from local partners and sources and get it out of the country
I want thugs and corrupted politicians to get in trouble. Not my sources and partners.

Primary goals

  • Communicate with known and unknown peers
  • Work with others who are surveilled or at risk
  • Share and work on documents with others
  • Store, edit, and anonymize sensitive data

Technology use

  • Knows they need more digital security but struggles with technology and changing the way they always worked
  • Gets info from local whistle-blowing platform
  • Uses phone messaging to contact sources and partners
  • Struggles to read on screens with her new reading glasses


  • Has been targeted by government spyware in the past
  • Local partners have been killed
  • Searches and thefts while traveling for the investigation
  • Searches at the border


  • Hide what they are working on until it's published
  • Keep their partners and sources safe
  • Bring the data outside of the country to report about it

Background information