Ernesto is working in the social science department of a University in Latin America where he does communication, web development, and video. He is also active in a local hacklab where he has a community TV and does video editing with free software.

He uses Tails to be able to have a secure access to his personal data from the work computer that he has at the University or when he wants to travel light.

Things he likes:

  • Have a full OS on a USB stick is cool!
  • All the connections go through Tor.
  • Keeping his email configuration and encryption keys in the persistent storage.
  • Tails comes with everything you need already. It even has a video editor.
  • He liked meeting the developers in person and seeing that we share similar ways of doing things. Now he wonders how he could help back.

Things he dislikes:

  • The fact the upgrade mechanism is sometimes automatic and sometimes manual. You never know what to expect.
  • The new installation instructions are good for new users but he feels a bit lost when looking for the command line instructions only.