Tails documentation would greatly benefit from your help.

Good documentation is difficult to keep up-to-date. If you find a typo or an error in the documentation please let us know — ideally, by submitting a patch with your correction.


The documentation on the website is not freely editable. The way we document things has serious security implications. People should be able to trust the Tails website as much as they trust Tails itself. Furthermore, every change in the documentation possibly breaks the translations that were made of the previous version.

But there are still many ways you can start contributing:

  • We maintain a list of documentation tasks. You can start writing a draft in the corresponding ticket and then ask us for review.

  • Small fixes and enhancements to the current documentation are greatly welcome. This can be done by sending Git patches to tails-dev@boum.org or by publishing a Git branch (for example to a fork on GitLab). In general, documentation changes should be based on the master branch.

Documentation writers coordinate themselves on tails-dev@boum.org mailing list, our development mailing list.

Documentation writers should also read our documentation guidelines.

New documentation should be wrapped to 80 characters; however, please do not submit patches that merely re-wrap existing text, as this makes it harder to read the git history.

We recommend you to build an offline version of the documentation to test your contributions before sharing them with us.


Image compression

  • Images on our website are compressed and cleaned using the compress-image.sh script. To run this script you need the optipng, advancecomp, and mat packages.

QR codes

  • To encode and decode QR codes, you can use the qrcode-encode.sh and qrcode-decode.sh scripts. To run these scripts you need to install the qrencode and zbar-tools packages.

    For example (run from Tails' source root):

    wiki/src/contribute/how/documentation/qrcode-encode.sh https://tails.boum.org/

    Creates a QR code in tails_boum_org.png. And:

    wiki/src/contribute/how/documentation/qrcode-decode.sh tails_boum_org.png




We want Tails end-user documentation to be translated in as many languages as possible. See the guidelines for translators for details.

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You can subscribe to tails-dev@boum.org, our development mailing list.