In Tails 4.22, we focused on solving the most important issues in the Tor Connection assistant to make it more robust and easier to use.

Changements et mises à jour

Included software and hardware support

  • Update Tor Browser to 10.5.6.

  • Update Thunderbird to 78.13.

  • Update the AMD graphics firmware to 20210818. This should improve the support for some AMD graphics cards.

Tor Connection

  • Change the custom bridge interface to only allow entering 1 bridge. (#18550)

    People had troubles knowing how to enter their custom bridges when the widget was a textarea and only the first bridge is used anyway.

  • Allow saving 1 custom bridge in the Persistent Storage. (#5461)

  • Allow fixing the clock manually when connecting to Tor using bridges fails. (#15548)

    This helps people East from London connect to Tor using obfs4 bridges and makes connecting to Tor more robust in general.

  • Reduce the timeout that determines whether we can connect to Tor at all from 30 seconds to 10 seconds. Increase the timeout to start Tor entirely from 120 seconds to 600 seconds. (#18501).

    Tor Connection now fails quicker when it's impossible to connect to Tor, while being more robust on slow Internet connections.

  • Allow trying again to connect to Tor from the error screen. (#18539)

Unsafe Browser

  • Stop restarting Tor when exiting the Unsafe Browser. (#18562)

  • Only mention the Persistent Storage in the Unsafe Browser warning when there is already a Persistent Storage. (#18551)


  • Make sure that automatic upgrades are downloaded from a working mirror. (#15755)

  • Add Russian to the offline documentation included in Tails.

Problèmes corrigés

Tor Connection

  • Fix connecting to Tor using the default bridges. (#18462)

  • Fix connecting to Tor when the Wi-Fi settings are saved in the Persistent Storage. (#18532)

  • Stop trying to connect to Tor in the background when Tor Connection reaches the error screen. (#18740)

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Problèmes connus

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