This release fixes many security issues and users should upgrade as soon as possible.


Atualizações e mudanças

  • Upgrade Enigmail from 1.9.9 to 2.0.7 which fixes some of the EFAIL attacks on OpenPGP.

Problemas resolvidos

  • Fix importing OpenPGP keys from email attachments. (#15610)

  • Fix the translations of the homepage of the Unsafe Browser. (#15461)

Para mais detalhes, leia nosso changelog.

Problemas conhecidos

After upgrading to Tails 3.8, you have to go through the Enigmail Setup Wizard again every time you restart Tails.

Your OpenPGP keys and your per-recipient rules are preserved.

To avoid going through the Enigmail Setup Wizard, you can execute the following command in a terminal before starting Thunderbird:

echo 'pref("extensions.enigmail.configuredVersion", "2.0.7");' >> ~/.thunderbird/profile.default/preferences/0000tails.js

This bug will be fixed in the next version of Tails. (#15693)

Veja a lista de problemas de longa data.

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