The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 0.7, is out. It is built on top of Debian Squeeze.


Notable changes include:

  • Tor

  • Protecting against memory recovery: new, safer way to wipe memory on shutdown which is now also used when the boot media is physically removed.

  • Hardware support

  • printers: install more printer drivers, allow the default user to manage more kinds of printers
  • 3G: support mobile broadband devices such as 3G USB dongles
  • wireless: install Atheros and Broadcom firmwares
  • scanner and multi-function peripherals: better support

  • Iceweasel

  • install the HTTPS Everywhere extension
  • many Anonymity Set preservation enhancements, mostly inspired by the Tor Browser Bundle configuration
  • support FTP, thanks to FoxyProxy

  • Other software

  • user-friendly encryption support: install gnome-disk-utility (Palimpsest) and Seahorse plugins
  • add opt-in i2p support with Iceweasel integration through FoxyProxy
  • optionally install TrueCrypt at boot time to allow users of the (old and now unsupported) Incognito live system to access the data on previously created media; this is not meant to be used to create new TrueCrypt media
  • make better use of battery-powered hardware
  • replace xsane with simple-scan which is part of GNOME and way easier to use
  • install scribus-ng instead of scribus: more features, less bugs

  • Firewall

  • drop incoming packets by default
  • forbid queries to DNS resolvers on the LAN
  • set output policy to drop (defense-in-depth)

  • Miscellaneous

  • fromiso= bugfixes
  • configure keyboard layout accordingly to the chosen language for Italian and Portuguese
  • more robust HTP time synchronization wrt. network failures; display the logs when the clock synchronization fails
  • disable automatic media mounting and opening to protect against a class of attacks that was recently put under the spotlights
  • GnuPG: default to stronger digest algorithms

Plus the usual bunch of minor bug reports and improvements.

See the online Changelog for technical details.

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Can I use it on a pre-Intel Mac computer?

Tails images with i386 in their name work on the Intel x86 architecture only. However, we've been working towards releasing a Tails image suitable for the pre-Intel Macs hardware (PowerPC architecture). Stay tuned, it will be prepared and made available soonish.

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