• @bokonon joined our team, as our Fundraising Lead. bokonon will help us develop and grow our fundraising initiatives, to support the work we do to accomplish our mission.

  • We prepared usability tests planned in Ecuador in March.


We released Tails 5.10 on February 16.

As part of our focus on polishing user experience, Tails now asks for confirmation when starting without unlocking the Persistent Storage. Because we humans sometimes forget stuff. It's OK :)

Tails 5.10 fixed a few problems introduced in Tails 5.8 in December, and some more:

  • Fixed another case of Persistent Storage not activating. (#19432)

  • Avoid opening the Persistent Storage settings each time after login. (#19410)

  • Solve a possible privilege escalation through a symlink attack.


Tails has been started more than 652 918 times this month. This makes 23 318 boots a day on average.