Tails 1.0 was released on April 29.


  • Tails has been started more than 292 595 times in April. This make 9 753 boots a day in average.
  • 35 029 downloads of the OpenPGP signature of Tails ISO.
  • 105 reports were received through WhisperBack.


  • Quite some work was put into adapting Tails to Debian 7 (Wheezy). The result will be released on June 10, as Tails 1.1.
    • Thanks to the amazing work done in Debian by Ulrike, we are almost there when it comes to adding back support for OpenPGP signature verification in Nautilus (#6608).
    • The Vagrant setup was fixed to allow building Tails/Wheezy images in RAM (#7132).
    • Synaptic was made to start again on Wheezy (#7055).
    • The Debian Mozilla team's repository used on the devel branch was updated for Wheezy (#7063).
    • The latest version of the MAT is now installed (#5792).
    • Initial progress was made to update the Windows camouflage. #6342
  • The APT suite being used when building from the stable branch was corrected (#7022).
  • The new logo was integrated in the About Tails dialog (#7096).
  • Some Vagrant compatibility issues were fixed (#7134).
  • The blacklisting of directory authority keys that have been used with versions of OpenSSL affected by Heartbleed was backported into our Tor packages.
  • Our modified Tor Launcher was updated to avoid pretending that we ship a default set of bridges.
  • I2P was explicitly told that it cannot receive inbound connections (#7070).
  • An attempt at migrating our source tree to live-build 3.x was made (#5691). It is still entirely unclear whether the cost/benefit ratio is worth it, especially because live-build 4.x has already gone quite further in terms of incompatibilities, and is far from being ready for prime-time yet.
  • A patch to make the Greeter's help window resolution-aware was proposed (#7009).
  • Another proposed patch aims at fixing the Tails Installer fonts size on Wheezy (#5673).

Documentation and website


  • The German translation team has been making great progress, and we are not considering dropping this language from our website anymore.
  • The French translation team got a new member.
  • The Italian translation team has been reviewing strings in Transifex, and working on their internal workflow and processes. There is hope that they start translating the website soon.
  • A list of glossaries used by translation teams is being compiled.


On-going discussions


  • We are still the process of getting the contracts signed both for a grant we were awarded by OpenITP at the end of 2013, and for the Access Innovation Prize.

  • We have been talking with Mozilla and Tor about supporting the Tails summit and hackfest, scheduled for July.

  • Our proposal to the Knight Foundation News Challenge was not selected among the finalists. If you know why, please share your insight with us :)

  • The crowdfunding campaign by the Freedom of the Press Foundation has made great progress. It is still time to donate.


Press and testimonials

Dozens of press articles about Tails were written in April, most notably: