Tails 0.23 was released on March 19.


  • Tails has been started more than 261 878 times in March. This make 8 448 boots a day in average.
  • 19 076 downloads of the OpenPGP signature of Tails ISO.
  • 80 reports were received through WhisperBack.


  • The Cookie Monster extension was removed from our browser. #6790

  • The new support for bridges was completed. It now uses Tor Launcher to configure Tor when needed.

  • A bookmark to the Tor Stack Exchange was added to our browser.

  • A launcher for our documentation was added to the Tails menu.

  • Some race conditions when starting automatic upgrades were fixed. #6592

  • The server was removed from Pidgin.

  • The #tor IRC channel was removed from Pidgin.

  • We cleaned up a bit our ISO images to make them a bit smaller.

  • A bug in the localization of Tor Launcher was fixed.

  • We now install Linux 3.12 from not to install Linux 3.13.5-1 from testing yet.

  • Some work as been done towards Tails Wheezy, for example on the menus and launchers, the integration of Seahorse Nautilus, network-manager, and the migration from GConf to dconf.

Documentation and website

  • A new contribute page for sysadmins to improve the infrastructure behind Tails was written.

  • Our sample rtorrent.rc was improved. #6995

  • A sample configuration for Tails mirror using nginx was added. #6993

  • A "News" link was added to the sidebar.

  • The expectations for our mirrors in terms of bandwidth were clarified.

  • The instructions to securely delete the persistent volume were improved.

  • The instructions to manually backup the persistent volume were fixed.

  • gpgApplet was renamed "OpenPGP Applet".

  • "Tails browser" was consistently renamed "Tor browser". #6574

  • Our list of related projects was updated:

  • The content of our Troubleshooting page was merging into the main Support page.

  • Email commands to interact with Redmine were documented.

  • The documentation for MAC spoofing was completed.


  • The German team which started to work earlier this year, got more volunteers on board and more work done.

  • People volunteered on the tails-l10n mailing list to translate our website into Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Portuguese (Portugal).


  • The mailing list for early testers,, was announced and already joined by 35 people.

  • We are ready to welcome new contributors to improve the infrastructure behind Tails, and drafted a call on that topic.

  • Three branches were merged to improve our automated test suite:

    • test/5959-antitest-memory-erasure
    • test/sniffer-vs-mac-spoof
    • test/tor-is-ready-notification
  • Our manual test suite for the browser was reorganized to better match the tests conducted for the TBB.

On-going discussions

  • SHA256sum replacement or patch, about a possible replacement for our hash extension for Firefox.

  • Feedback wanted on planned implementation of Feature #5301 - Clone or Backup Persistent Volume

  • Testing EHLO messages: simplification proposal

  • Perspectives for 0.23..1.1

  • Upgrading the Linux kernel for 1.0?

  • Review of, about restructuring the links on the Contribute page.

  • More HTTP response headers?



  • We organized a logo contest to have a new logo in time for Tails 1.0. We received 36 proposals! Tails contributors started to vote on their favourite proposals.

  • We scheduled two usability testing sessions together with Silicon Sentier on May 21 and May 28 in Paris.

  • We scheduled a public hackfest. It will take place at IRILL (Paris, France) on July 5 and 6.

  • We made progress on the organization of the 2014 edition of the yearly Tails contributors summit. We could make use of more funding sources.

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