# Traduction de ikiwiki # Copyright (C) 2009 Debian French l10n team # This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE Ikiwiki. # msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: ikiwiki\n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2010-07-18 22:29+0000\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2010-07-21 17:26+0200\n" "Last-Translator: Alexandre Dupas \n" "Language-Team: French \n" "Language: fr\n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bits\n" #. type: Plain text #, no-wrap msgid "\n" msgstr "\n" #. type: Plain text msgid "" "ikiwiki supports placing pages in a directory hierarchy. For example, this " "page, SubPage has some related pages placed under it, like [[SubPage/" "LinkingRules]]. This is a useful way to add some order to your wiki rather " "than just having a great big directory full of pages." msgstr "" "ikiwiki permet de ranger les pages dans une arborescence de répertoires. Par " "exemple cette page, SubPage, est liée à des pages placées " "hiérarchiquement sous elle, comme la page LinkingRules. C'est " "une façon pratique d'ordonner le wiki au lieu d'avoir un seul gros " "répertoire plein de pages." #. type: Plain text #| msgid "" #| "To add a SubPage, just make a subdirectory and put pages in it. For " #| "example, this page is SubPage.mdwn in this wiki's source, and there is " #| "also a SubPage subdirectory, which contains SubPage/LinkingRules.mdwn. " #| "Subpages can be nested as deeply as you'd like." msgid "" "To add a SubPage, just make a subdirectory and put pages in it. For example, " "this page is subpage.mdwn in this wiki's source, and there is also a subpage " "subdirectory, which contains subpage/linkingrules.mdwn. Subpages can be " "nested as deeply as you'd like." msgstr "Pour ajouter une sous-page, faites simplement un sous-répertoire et mettez-y les pages. Par exemple, cette page est `subpage.mdwn` dans les sources de ce wiki et il y a également un sous-répertoire subpage, qui contient `subpage/linkingrules.mdwn`. Les sous-pages peuvent être emboîtées autant que vous le souhaitez." #. type: Plain text msgid "Linking to and from a SubPage is explained in ?LinkingRules." msgstr "" "Faire un lien depuis et vers une sous-page est expliqué dans " "?LinkingRules."