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blueprint/robust time syncing
This is about #5774. Introduction tordate With tordate we're referring to the unholy mess found in config/chroot local-includes/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/, whose design can be read in Time syncing (overview, steps 1-3, more or less). tordate is a fragile pile of hacks, and it effectively makes it possible for attackers to replay any old Tor network consensus to Tails users. Also, in at least our current understanding of things, it prevents us from making /var/lib/tor persistent, so...
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news/version 0.6
The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 0.6, is out. Please note Tails released images are now signed using a new OpenPGP key. Notable changes include: Tor Vidalia 0.2.10 New Linux kernel (2.6.32) supports a lot more hardware. Newly supported wireless chipsets include RT2860, RTL8192, BCM4306/3, BCM4311, BCM4312, BCM4318. New bundled software: vector-based drawing (Inkscape), .po files editor (Poedit), Shamir's Secret Sharing (gfshare and ssss). New GnuPG package brings saner defaults and...
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contribute/design/Time syncing
Introduction Tor sometimes freaks out if they detect too large clock skews. It is therefore important for us to ensure that Tails somehow automatically synchronizes the system time at start in a safe manner. There probably is a whole bunch of fingerprinting attacks an attacker could mount if it could pose as the time server and mess with the user's time. We therefore want to be able to authenticate the servers that provide us with supposedly accurate time information. Home-made research demonstrated...
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blueprint/HTTP mirror pool/archive
The idea I had was to let the server(s) send a reduced list of hosts. Not only it would allow to work-around Tor DNS limitations, but also to have some weighted round robin, in order to prioritize some high bandwidth mirrors, if we choose to. If I had to mention the ideal design goals for such changes, I would say that the more straightforward would be the better for implementation and also for maintainability. Using DNS Using DNS seems to be an easy way to do some round robin in low level. It allows some...
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news/report 2012 10
October 2012 has seen the highest activity on Tails development mailing list since it is publicly archived (September 2010). This reflects how much work is done to slowly make Tails better and better. More details follow. Releases Tails 0.14 is on its way. A first release candidate was released on the 12th with pretty good reactions so far. This new version will catch up with long awaited, unspectacular but important features, and fix an impressive amount of small bugs. While testing the first release candidate,...
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blueprint/Two-layered virtualized system
This is an "unfunded mandate", I'm afraid; I can't work on this. And it's a reasonable amount of work. It is, however, based on a long, long acquaintance with the problem space. This is something I was thinking about doing for the old Zero-Knowledge Freedom system back in 2000, because of bugs we kept finding and attacks we kept coming up with. If you want to discuss this, I'm jbash at-sign velvet period com . The Problem A lot of code runs inside amnesia: big programs like Web...
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