Speicherung sensibler Dokumente

The Persistent Storage is not hidden. An attacker in possession of your USB stick can know that there is a Persistent Storage on it. Take into consideration that you can be forced or tricked to give out its passphrase.

Read also our instructions to securely delete the Persistent Storage.

Overwriting configurations

You can weaken your security or break some programs if you use the Persistent Storage to overwrite their settings. The programs included in Tails are carefully configured with security in mind. Be especially careful when using the Dotfiles feature.

The anonymity of Tor and Tails relies on making it harder to distinguish one Tails user from another. In some cases, changing the default settings can break your anonymity.

Use to the minimum

Use the Persistent Storage only when necessary and to the minimum:

  • Only unlock the Persistent Storage when you need it.
  • Only turn on the features of the Persistent Storage that you need.
  • Only the files and folders that you specify are saved in the Persistent Storage.

Opening the persistent volume from other operating systems

You can compromise your security if you open the Persistent Storage from another operating system.

For example, another operating system might create thumbnails of images or index the contents of files in the Persistent Storage.