1. Start Tails from the USB stick on which you want to delete the persistent volume.

    Do not enable the persistent volume in Tails Greeter.

  2. Choose Applications ▸ Tails ▸ Delete persistent volume.

  3. Click Delete.

This can be useful in order to delete all the files saved to the persistent volume in a single operation. You can later create a new persistent volume on the same device without having to reinstall Tails.

Securely delete the persistent volume

The previous technique might not prevent an attacker from recovering the files in the old persistent volume using data recovery techniques. To securely delete the persistent volume, start Tails from another media, and do the following operations on the device that you want to delete securely:
  1. Format the device and create a single encrypted partition on the whole device. This step deletes both Tails and the persistent volume.
  2. Securely clean all the available disk space on this new encrypted partition.
  3. Reinstall Tails on the device.
  4. Start Tails from the device and create a new persistent volume.