I2P is an alternative anonymity network to Tor which supports most common Internet activities like web browsing, email, filesharing etc. Unlike Tor, whose main focus arguably is on accessing sites from the "normal" Internet, I2P is more oriented towards being a closed darknet, separate from the "normal" Internet. Anyone running I2P can run an anonymous server, a so called Eepsite, that is only accessible within I2P using the .i2p top level domain (similar to .onion for Tor hidden services). For instance, the I2P homepage can also be accessed through I2P via http://i2p-projekt.i2p.

I2P doesn't go through Tor.

Starting I2P

I2P is not enabled by default when Tails starts. To start I2P, add the i2p boot option to the boot menu. For detailed instructions, see the documentation on using the boot menu.

When added to the boot options, I2P will be started automatically once the time has been synchronized. Unlike previous versions of Tails, the router console will not be opened automatically.

The I2P router console can be accessed from within I2P Browser. From the desktop, choose Applications ▸ Internet ▸ I2P Browser.

The router console shows I2P's current status, links to many useful I2P resources (forums, email, filesharing, etc.) and offers the possibility to shutdown I2P. Starting with Tails 1.2, .i2p addresses are only accessible from within I2P Browser. Internet resources cannot be reached from within the I2P Browser.