Se puede usar Tails en una máquina virtual usando VirtualBox desde un sistema operativo Windows, Linux, o macOS.

Ejecutar Tails dentro de una máquina virtual tiene bastantes implicaciones de seguridad. Dependiendo del sistema operativo base y tus necesidades de seguridad, ejecutar Tails en una máquina virtual podría ser peligroso.

VirtualBox tiene una versión de software libre llamada VirtualBox Open Source Edition y algunos componentes propietarios, por ejemplo para añadir soporte para dispositivos USB.

For security reasons, we recommend you to use only the Open Source Edition, though it does not allow use of a Persistent Storage.

With the shared folders feature of VirtualBox you can access files of your host system from within the guest system.

Make sure to understand the security implications of accessing internal hard disks from Tails before using this feature.

Security considerations for Windows and macOS

In our security warnings about virtualization we recommend to run Tails in a virtual machine only if the host operating system is trustworthy.

Microsoft Windows and macOS being proprietary software, they cannot be considered trustworthy. Only run Tails in a virtual machine on Windows or macOS for testing purposes and do not rely on it for security.


To install VirtualBox in Debian or Ubuntu, execute the following command:

sudo apt install virtualbox

Para instrucciones sobre como instalar VirtualBox en otros sistemas operativos, referirse a documentación VirtualBox.

Running Tails from an ISO image

Primero, inicia VirtualBox.

Para crear una nueva máquina virtual:

  1. Choose Machine ▸ New....
  2. In the Name and operating system screen, specify:
    • A name of your choice.
    • Type: Linux.
    • Version: Other Linux (64 bit).
    • Click Next.
  3. In the Memory size screen:
    • Allocate at least 2048 MB of RAM.
    • Click Next.
  4. In the Hard drive screen:
    • Choose Do not add a virtual hard drive.
    • Click Create.
    • Click Continue in the warning dialog about creating a virtual machine without a hard drive.

Para configurar que la máquina virtual inicie desde la imagen ISO:

  1. Elige la nueva máquina virtual desde el panel izquierdo.
  2. Choose Machine ▸ Settings....
  3. Select System in the left pane.
  4. In the Extended Features section of the Motherboard tab, make sure that Enable I/O APIC is enabled.
  5. Selecciona Storage en el panel de la izquierda.
  6. Select Empty below Contoller IDE in the Storage Tree selection list in the right pane.
  7. Click on the CD icon on the right of the window and select Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file... to browse for the ISO image you want to start Tails from.
  8. Check the Live CD/DVD option.
  9. Click OK.

To start the new virtual machine:

  1. Elige la máquina virtual en el panel izquierdo.
  2. Haz click en Iniciar.