The aim of ticket gardening is to ensure that items tracked on Redmine stay relevant and contain helpful information for bringing a task to completion. To achieve this goal contributors and teams need to be made aware of the existence of tickets that need their input so they can self-organize and prioritize their work. Tickets that are not relevant anymore should be closed.

This work should be done twice per year.


Use existing Redmine views:

  • "Wait" type of work: check if what was blocking was eventually resolved outside of Tails. Tickets should either have an assignee, their type of work requalified, be rejected, or stay in this state.

  • WIP without assignee: identify tickets that have a majority of work completed and could somewhat easily be finished. Create a list of those tickets and send them to the responsible team; if that team cannot handle these tickets, set Status to something else.

Tasks to be automated

  • The WIP stalled for a while view provides an overview to each individual contributor about work that is in progress but seems to be stalled. An automated email reminder sends everyone on that list a link to this Redmine view, filtered for them, asking them if they think they can realistically come back to it and finish the work in the next 6 months. If yes, a suitable target version and when relevant, a blocking relationship to the relevant "Core work: $team in $quarter"ticket, should be added to the ticket. If no, contributor should clear the Assignee field and bring it to the attention of the relevant team.

  • The Stalled: unblock other people's work view provides to an individual contributor the list of tickets where someone has been waiting for a review or for information from them since a while. An email reminder regularly suggests contributors to take a look there.