As a worker paid to do work on a deliverable we've promised to a sponsor, you must:

  • Ask any information you lack to your team manager.

  • Track which issue corresponds to which deliverable.

    Ensure each of your deliverables has an issue in GitLab with the correct D:SponsorNN label.

  • Schedule your work in advance to meet deadlines:

    • Plan for surprises such as tasks that are unexpectedly harder than planned.
    • Use the milestone field in GitLab to track your own plans and timing goals. Keep this information up-to-date at all times.
  • Check how good you're doing wrt. their deliverables and deadlines. Talk to your team manager as soon as you can if any problem arises.

  • Report your progress on deliverables when requested.

    Summarize the issues and achievements of each deliverables since the last report. This information will then be transmitted to the Accounting Team for invoicing. Clarify the matching between issues and deliverables; for example, you can report:

    • "B.3.7 completed: #nnnn, #mmmm, etc.": all these issues must be closed in GitLab.
    • "C.4.2 (#nnnn, #mmmm) in progress but not completed because of $reasons".