The Tails Fundraising Team is responsible for three main activities: Sponsors, Donations and Grants. They all imply cultivating contacts by sending news about Tails achievements, plans and needs, and participating to events where these contacts are.

Who is responsible for the different aspects of our role is defined in fundraising.git:responsibilities.mdwn.


  • Replying to sponsorship requests, finding new sponsors, seeking donation renewal, updating the sponsors page, sending T-shirts.


  • Carrying out the annual donation campaign

    • Adding a banner on our website, writing blog posts, and tweeting
    • Sending a request for renewal to past donors
    • Communicating with the fiscal sponsors receiving donations, to monitor the donations
    • Analyzing the donation campaign
  • Improving the donation process

    • Donation forms and webpages, working sometimes with external contractors to create visuals
    • Developing means to evaluate the effects of the modifications: A/B testing, survey, etc.
  • Replying to donors' requests for information, receipt.


  • Looking for grants and funding opportunities selecting acceptable sources of funding, asking summit@ in doubt
  • Identifying match between the grant/donation/contract and Tails roadmap items, and making sure we do not deviate from the Tails roadmap and prioritize the needs of our users and not our funders
  • Prioritizing grants opportunities, based on Tails needs and capacities.
  • Applying to grants with the support of other teams (Accounting about finances, Foundations about workers availability, etc.) and sometimes other projects such as Tor
    • Writing the grant: narrative, budget
    • Submit the grant
    • Follow-up: communication with grants and funds organizations and Tails members who will implement the grant

We're sometimes low in capacity and might not be able to chase all possible grants. The person responsible for grants in the team tries to ask for help from the rest of the team when they deem that it would be worth chasing a grant but they can't do it themselves.


Team mailing list

Fundraising Team members are on the Schleuder mailing list.

We want to answer sponsors and donors within 2-3 days, especially for the first contact. The other people in the team should take over the first contact if the person responsible for the sponsors or donors is on holidays or doesn't answer within 2-3 days.


The Tails Fundraising Team has three types of meetings:

  • Monthly meetings, no fixed date, to maintain social contact between teams' members review progresses, do issues gardening and plan the future
  • Proposals preparation with stakeholders (not only from Tails)
  • Donation process improvements, can be with external contractors

GitLab project

The team uses a private GitLab project for tasks and issues.

Private Git repository

To set it up:

  1. Install needed tools:

sudo apt install git-remote-gcrypt

  1. Clone the repo

XXX: update the remote URL

git clone

  1. Follow the setup documentation: in the Git repository.


To get in touch with the Fundraising Team, you can:

  • write to: (OpenPGP key)

  • mention @fundraising-team on GitLab: GitLab will send an email notification about it to every member of the Foundations Team, and add it to their To-Do list.