Plans for the next releases

You can track on Redmine the list of tickets that we want to solve for the next releases:

Priorities for the next years


  • Redesign the Download and Verify browser extension to support Chrome and Web Extensions in Firefox 57 (#12328, ?Blueprint) [DONE]
  • Rethink the installation and upgrade process in depth and reflect on the future of Tails Installer, the installation on Windows and macOS, and automatic upgrades (#11679) [DONE]
  • Improve our installation instructions:
    • Document a graphical installation tool for macOS (#11682)
    • Have a more robust tool for Windows (#13206)
    • Act on the expert review done in August 2017 (#14548)
  • Give some love to our troubleshooting documentation:
  • Explain better what Tails is and what makes it so awesome (#9814)
  • Make Tails work for blind users (#14522)

Resistance to remote exploitation

  • Persistent Tor state to have persistent entry guards (#5462, Blueprint)
  • HTTPS only mirrors to protect downloads in depth from malicious networks (#9796)
  • Persistent seed for random number generator to have stronger crypto (#7675, Blueprint)
  • Have critical parts of Tails audited (#14508)
  • Leverage reproducible builds to detect a compromise in our infrastructure (#14455)
  • Switch to Wayland (#12213)

Community growth, diversity, and inclusion

  • Create outreach material (#14523)
  • Outreach to under-represented communities (#14560)
  • Recruit new core workers: sysadmin, technical writer, and accountant
  • Lower technical requirements for new contributors (#14516)

Applications and features

  • Screen locker: allow users to lock their session with a password (#5684, Blueprint) [DONE]
  • Tails Server: run onion services from Tails (VoIP chat rooms, collaboration tools, web servers, messaging servers, etc.) (#5688, Blueprint)
  • VeraCrypt support in GNOME: graphical utilities to mount VeraCrypt volumes (#11684, #6337, Blueprint) [DONE]
  • Graphical interface for the Additional Packages persistent feature: allow users to customize which applications are available in their Tails (#5996 #9059, Blueprint)
  • Mobile messaging applications: investigate if we could support Signal, Wire, Telegram, etc. in Tails (#14504)
  • Backups: provide a graphical tool to backup the persistent volume (#5301, Blueprint)

Sustainability of core code

  • Try basing Tails on rolling snapshots of Debian Testing to bring upstream changes earlier to Tails and collaborate better with upstream (#12615, Blueprint)
  • Have a budget for user-visible improvements to our core applications (#14544)
  • Port complex shell scripts to Python (#11198, Blueprint)
  • Migrate from aufs to overlayfs (#8415)
  • Have more robust time synchronization when starting Tails (#5774, Blueprint)

User research

  • Perform surveys to learn who our users are and what they need (#14545, Blueprint)
  • Agree on personas to describe our target users and take better decisions (#11162, Blueprint)
  • Power our help desk with a request tracker to know better how to help our user base at large (#9803, Blueprint)

Funding from private partners

  • Strengthen our relationships with existing partners
  • Contact proactively more potential partners
  • Document better benefits for partners

Infrastructure migrations

  • Update our infrastructure to:
    • Debian Stretch [DONE]
    • Jenkins 2
    • Redmine 3.3 [DONE]
    • Gitolite 3
    • Puppet 4 [DONE]
  • Have a better server infrastructure to handle our growing needs on continuous integration and have a backup server (#11680, #15071)
  • Self-host our website as is stopping hosting websites (#14588)

Robust automated tests

  • Use locally hosted Git repositories (#11869)
  • Run our own email server (#12277)
  • Notify developers on failure (#11355)