Plans for the next releases

You can track on GitLab milestones the list of issues that we want to solve for the next releases.

Priorities for the next years

Easier installation

  • Make it easier to install Tails on Windows and macOS (#15292) [DONE]
  • Support Secure boot (#6560) [DONE]
  • Improve our troubleshooting documentation (#11665, #14788, #14548, Blueprint)
    • Improve troubleshooting instructions when Wi-Fi is not working (#11683) [DONE]

Better upgrades

  • Allow always upgrading automatically and get rid of manual upgrades (#15281) [DONE]
  • Try resuming automatic upgrades if interrupted during download (#15875)
  • Research lighter and more robust upgrade mechanisms (#15277, #15901)

Applications and features

  • Mobile messaging applications: research support for Signal, Wire, Telegram, etc. (#14567)
  • Backups: make it easier to backup the Persistent Storage (#14605, #5301, Blueprint)
  • Redesign the experience of connecting to the network and Tor (#10491, Blueprint)
  • Remove some less popular packages (#15291) [DONE]


  • Explain better what Tails is and what makes it so awesome (#9814) [DONE]
  • Have a translation platform to translate our website (#10034) [DONE]
  • Make Tails work for blind users (#14522)
  • Have a visual style guide for our website (#15800)

Resistance to remote exploitation

  • Leverage reproducible builds to detect a compromise in our infrastructure (#14455)
  • Switch to Wayland (#12213)
  • Research Flatpak (or similar) for sandboxing (#15874)

Community growth, diversity, and inclusion

  • Recruit new core workers: help desk and sysadmin [DONE]
  • Make it easier to onboard new developers (#15864)
  • Apply to Outreachy and Google Summer of Code (#15865)

Sustainability of core code

  • Release Tails 4.0 based on Debian Buster (Version 4.0) [DONE]
  • Solve important usability issues in our core applications (issues with the UX:debt label)
  • Port complex shell scripts to Python (#11198, Blueprint)
  • Migrate from aufs to overlayfs (#8415) [DONE]
  • Have more robust time synchronization when starting Tails (#5774, Blueprint)
  • Migrate to Tor Launcher integrated into Tor Browser (#15709) [DONE]
  • Upstream our security improvements to the Thunderbird autoconfiguration (#6156)

User research

  • Perform surveys to learn who our users are and what they need (#14545, Blueprint)
  • Have personas to describe our target users and take better decisions (personas) [DONE]

Diversity of incomes

  • Increase the donations that we receive from private partners [DONE]
  • Continue increasing the donations that we receive from individuals (#14941, #14599) [DONE]

Infrastructure migrations

  • Update our infrastructure to:
  • Have better backups of our infrastructure (#15071) [DONE]
  • Self-host our website as is stopping hosting websites (#14588) [DONE]
  • Switch to GitLab (#15878, Blueprint) [DONE]

Robust automated tests

  • Run our own email server (#12277)
  • Upgrade the dependencies of our automated test suite to work with Java 9 (#15460) [DONE]
  • Evaluate OpenQA (#15870)