Plans for the next releases

You can track on Redmine the list of tickets that we want to solve for the next releases:

Priorities for the next years

Easier installation

  • Make it easier to install Tails on Windows and macOS (#15292) [DONE]
  • Support Secure boot (#6560) [DONE]
  • Improve our troubleshooting documentation (#11665, #14788, #14548)
    • Improve troubleshooting instructions when Wi-Fi is not working (#11683) [DONE]

Better upgrades

  • Allow always upgrading automatically and get rid of manual upgrades (#15281) [DONE]
  • Try resuming automatic upgrades if interrupted during download (#15875)
  • Research lighter and more robust upgrade mechanisms (#15277, #15901)

Applications and features

  • Mobile messaging applications: research support for Signal, Wire, Telegram, etc. (#14567)
  • Backups: make it easier to backup the persistent volume (#14605, #5301, Blueprint)
  • Redesign the experience of connecting to the network and Tor (#10491)
  • Remove some less popular packages (#15291) [DONE]


  • Explain better what Tails is and what makes it so awesome (#9814)
  • Have a translation platform to translate our website (#10034) [DONE]
  • Make Tails work for blind users (#14522)
  • Have a visual style guide for our website (#15800)

Resistance to remote exploitation

  • Leverage reproducible builds to detect a compromise in our infrastructure (#14455)
  • Switch to Wayland (#12213)
  • Research Flatpak (or similar) for sandboxing (#15874)

Community growth, diversity, and inclusion

  • Recruit new core workers: help desk and sysadmin [DONE]
  • Make it easier to onboard new developers (#15864)
  • Apply to Outreachy and Google Summer of Code (#15865)

Sustainability of core code

  • Release Tails 4.0 based on Debian Buster (Version 4.0) [DONE]
  • Solve important usability issues in our core applications (#14544)
  • Port complex shell scripts to Python (#11198, Blueprint)
  • Migrate from aufs to overlayfs (#8415) [DONE]
  • Have more robust time synchronization when starting Tails (#5774, Blueprint)
  • Migrate to Tor Launcher integrated into Tor Browser (#15709) [DONE]
  • Upstream our security improvements to the Thunderbird autoconfiguration (#6156)

User research

  • Perform surveys to learn who our users are and what they need (#14545)
  • Have personas to describe our target users and take better decisions (personas) [DONE]

Diversity of incomes

  • Increase the donations that we receive from private partners
  • Continue increasing the donations that we receive from individuals (#14941, #14599) [DONE]

Infrastructure migrations

  • Update our infrastructure to:
  • Have better backups of our infrastructure (#15071) [DONE]
  • Self-host our website as is stopping hosting websites (#14588) [DONE]
  • Switch to GitLab (#15878)

Robust automated tests

  • Run our own email server (#12277)
  • Upgrade the dependencies of our automated test suite to work with Java 9 (#15460)
  • Evaluate OpenQA (#15870)