This report covers the activity of Tails in September 2018.

Everything in this report is public.

A. VeraCrypt support in GNOME

A.6 Add VeraCrypt support to GNOME Files

These upstream merge requests were merged:

These are still waiting for review:

A.9 Fix bugs and UX issues

We fixed 2 bugs:

B. Additional software

B.3 Write automated tests

We wrote a number of automated tests to ensure we notice important regressions in the VeraCrypt support introduced in Tails 3.9. We have specified the high-level behavior in Gherkin then implemented the corresponding steps.

All this work is now pending our internal code review and should be merged by the end of October. (#14471, #14469, #15238, #15239)

B.8 Fix bugs and UX issues

  • We have investigated and fixed a regression introduced in Tails 3.9: the Persistence Configuration was displayed full screen in some specific screen resolutions, which made the software harder to use. (#15894)

C. Deliver new features

C.1 Major release including objective A

Our VeraCrypt support in GNOME was released in Tails 3.9 on September 4.

C.2 Major release including objective B

The new Additional Software feature was released in Tails 3.9 on September 4.