This report covers the activity of Tails in May 2018.

Everything in this report is public.

A. VeraCrypt support in GNOME

A.5 Add VeraCrypt support to GNOME Disks

Our merge request has been accepted upstream, so this deliverable is now completed.

A.10 Port to the latest version of GNOME

We backported our glib, GTK+, GVfs, and GNOME Shell patches to the version we use in Tails and created Debian packages to use in Tails (#15521).

B. Additional software

B.6 User documentation

We wrote a first draft of the documentation and it was tested during the user testing.

B.7 Beta release, user testing & community feedback

We published a beta version of the Additional Software feature and asked users to test it. Bugs and remarks from testers have been collected on our bug tracker in order to improve the implementation of the Additional Software feature #15567.

We also conducted and completed a user testing of the beta version.

To this end, we organized an in-person moderated user testing with five participants. We recruited participants who are in the target audience for this feature: people who had tried Tails a few times but who were not expert users.

The interface that we designed in January worked really well. Only one participant had a very bad time and failed some of the missions.

Most issues are around the interface itself: they are integration issues or issues in other parts of Tails, in GNOME, or in the navigation on our website and documentation.

The average SUS score is of 68 which is considered right on average compared to other industry products.

A more detailed report was sent to our UX mailing list:

The full results are available in on UX Git repo (OTS spreadsheet):