This report covers the activity of Tails in March 2018.

Everything in this report is public.

A. VeraCrypt support in GNOME

A.4 Add VeraCrypt support to udisks

We worked with upstream on the libblockdev and udisks changes (pull requests #320 and #495). The libblockdev pull request was successfully merged (#15219).

A.6 Add VeraCrypt support to GNOME Files

We worked on supporting VeraCrypt volumes in the unlock dialog opened by gvfs-udisks2-volume-monitor, which allows unlocking encrypted volumes via GNOME Files or when the storage device is plugged in (#15218).

B. Additional software

B.2 Write technical design documentation

The ?draft has been improved during development.

B.3 Write automated tests

Almost all of the Gherkin scenarios written until now (#14576) are running smoothly on our Jenkins instance.

These tests already helped us identify and fix bugs in the feature.

B.4 Implement backend and GUI

The backend and the GUI components are implemented (#14594 and #14595) and we started reviewing the code internally (#14598).