This report covers the activity of Tails in November 2017.

Everything in this report is public.

A. VeraCrypt support in GNOME

  • The survey on VeraCrypt usage that we launched in October was advertised on our website until December 1. We got 1012 complete answers. (#14474)

  • We recruited participants for the UX design sprint on VeraCrypt in Tails what will happen in Berlin from December 8 to 10. We got 91 people volunteering to help us and selected the 10 most interesting profiles to come work with us in December. We gave priority to people who are users of both VeraCrypt and Tails and who seem less tech-savvy. (#14742)

  • We announced and discussed our plan to integrate VeraCrypt support into GNOME Disks to the upstream developers via their mailinglist. We received several positive answers to our effort and a plan proposed by the upstream developers revealed itself as having already partly been implemented by us in the proposed manner. We are glad to see that upstream is very responsive and helpful. (#12275) We're now looking forward to the UX design sprint in order to move our developments further forward.

C. Deliver new features

We're not there yet.