The Privacy Advocate

  • Works for an e-commerce company in Lebanon
  • Is outraged by pervasive surveillance wants to know everything about privacy, and tell the world
  • Uses Tails just to have more privacy, to do some bitcoin trading, and to travel light
Governments and companies know way too much. Everybody has something to hide.

Primary goals

  • Avoid corporate and government surveillance
  • Use a computer that is not mine
  • Help others access censored information
  • Understand people using privacy tools

Technology use

  • Tech enthusiast with no formal training
  • Only uses free software except at work
  • Tries every privacy tool available
  • Sometimes contributes Arabic translations to free software projects


  • Getting busted by their boss while taking some time off their work
  • Loosing devices while traveling
  • Putting others at risk by giving a wrong advice


  • Avoid feeding surveillance capitalism
  • Blog and trade bitcoins from anywhere in the world
  • Help others learn about, understand, and use privacy tools