• Attendees: intrigeri (facilitator), emmapeel, moire, muri (notetaker), u, nodens, carlosm2, cbrownstein, number, geb

  • Logs

Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

  • no volunteers for any of the tickets

Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

  • #16169 and #16148 are dev tasks and in theory the FT should triage them. help is welcome, of course. they don't have assignee becuase they're up for being picked by any FT member with spare bandwidth

Availability and plans until the next meeting

  • intrigeri: availability: very little in December; my focus will be mostly outside of Tails and the little I'll put into Tails is already fully++ booked. plans: whatever I'm needed for on the USB image project; ensure the changes at our major infra provider don't break too much of our stuff; reproducible builds summit; help groente with the new sysadmin hiring process; get some holiday; take care of myself by procrastinating on useful volunteer Tails work that's not been spotted as particularly urgent; plans++: whatever is still needed to ensure AppArmor is enabled by default in Buster
  • nodens: availability and plan until january: as low as the last 3 months... I'll keep an eye on bugs reports for openpgp-applet as upstream and can answer questions here and there, but no time for real work
  • emmapeel: will try to finish their weblate bits
  • muri: plans: i'll do the monthly report and i'll look at the great feedback intrigeri gave on #14507 ;) and then i'll go to 35c3
  • moire: availability: better than last month, until the 22nd, then mostly unavailable. Working on the donation campaign.
  • u: availability: i plan to take time off between christmas and new year's, until then work on debian and verification extension, but my schedule is fully packed
  • cbrownstein: i'm always available. :-)
  • number: availability: starting from january; plans: help soayoilida to review the html/css/js of the website.

Important missing bits in the next monthly report

  • the deadline is between dec 10th and 13th, emmapeel suggests to give a push to the donation campaign on the report; moire will have a look at previous reports and see where they can add campaigning bits


FOSDEM is Feb 2-3 in Brussels; emmapeel was wondering if we are attending and maybe if somebody knows if a booth with nsoignons etc is hapenning; emmapeel will check with a person from tor if we could join their booth. intrigeri points out the sponsorship to attend events