• Attendees: intrigeri, jvoisin, sajolida, spriver, u

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Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month


Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

There's none.

Availability and plans until the next meeting

  • intrigeri:
    • availability: ~half time or slightly more.
    • plans: keep the FT boat afloat, RM 3.8, finish my ASP deliverables, stay on top of the VeraCrypt project since I'm now more involved than I used to.
  • sajolida:
    • availability: "Full" expect June 11-15.
    • plans: User testing for VeraCrypt, bug fixing for Additional Software, kickoff the collaboration with Simply Secure, hopefully do some work on donations (#14558, #14559).
  • spriver: Translation platform, German translations
  • u: I will do some Tails work this month: translation platform, an important accounting meeting, Debian work. Otherwise I want to continue work on another project.

Strategic planning: Containers/separated identities without rebooting

We brainstormed why this could be a relevant goal:

  • Even if we claim we don't support this, for many reasons users do it anyway.
  • Making it easier to switch between one's "regular" identity (outside of Tails) and a "secret" one (in Tails) was mentioned in user interviews. But "without rebooting" is too limiting as there may be other solutions to this problem.
  • Such a feature would be very innovative.
  • This feature could encourage people to use more contextual identities.
  • Having to maintain multiple persistent configurations for multiple contextual identities is time-consuming, when most of the configuration (except identity-specific data) is common to all of them.

And then we brainstormed why this should not be a goal:

  • Perhaps this is not the best solution to the problems this solution would solve: having Tails running on cheap tablets, or booting faster, or being able to hibernate and resume quickly could achieve similar results.
  • The main problem is to better support switching between the real world and Tails (2 identities). Supporting 3 or more would only be a slight improvement.
  • This solution requires a full redesign of Tails, its implementation, how it presents itself to the user, etc. and the cost/benefit is not worth is.

And then we reached a consensus among the attendees: we drop this as a goal but we replace it with a new one that is "make it easier to switch between a Tails contextual identity and another identity outside of Tails".

Gather comments on our draft personas

Chapter 2: Cris, the sensitive information gatherer

  • Public opinion

    • u: I would formulate this sentence differently: "Turn public opinion against these people." maybe "inform the public about the wrongdoings of these people"
    • u: well, i just realize the previous sentence is a bit similar
    • u: maybe "make it possible to legally accuse these people / put them in front of a court" ?
  • Pseudonym

    • intrigeri: something is not clear to me: Cris is a journalist who publishes under a pseudonym, right? I have no clue how common practice it is. Have you?
    • sajolida: i agree with you. maybe Cris is working under their realname and hiding what they are working on only until it's published.
    • intrigeri: indeed, that would relate to many more real-life cases I'm aware of but I don't know the press world well.
  • Refugee

    • u: as cris is a mexican refugee i'm unsure how they can enter mexico
    • sajolida: i used "refugee" but i think that Cris might just be too scared to live in Mexico (bad stuff happens there to journalists) but not legally prohibited to enter Mexico
    • intrigeri: s/is Mexican refugee/is a Mexican refugee/
    • u: ok, then maybe we shoudl use another word than refugee? emigrant/immigrant?
    • sajolida: ok for replacing "refugee" (we'll find a better word elsewhere)
  • Hide information about myself

    • drebs: why is "hide information about myself" different from "hide my identity"?
    • u: i think hiding your identity is basically only about your name while information about yourself can be many other things like where you live, where you currently are etc.
    • sajolida: under "hide information about myself" we also put location for example
  • Too extreme

    • intrigeri: my "raw subjectivity" comment: it's an important persona and one of the things we know at least some people use for. It's an extreme/minority one though. Thankfully the other personas balance things so the draft set of personas does not err to far on the "Tails for 2000 people" side :)
    • intrigeri: (because there's so many life/death threats on the same person & relationships)
    • sajolida: but Cris could also be anybody carrying sensitive information across borders for example
    • u: but cris need not be a journalist, they can be a human rights advocate, diplomat, doctor
    • u: i don't think this persona is extreme, but it's maybe more rare.
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