• Attendees: anonym, drebs, emmapeel, intrigeri, nodens, segfault, singuliere, spriver, u

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Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month


Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

There was none.

Availability and plans until the next meeting

  • anonym:
    • Availability: office hours CEST, will be present online during the last week of April but intends to work on other things than Tails.
    • Plans: start working on my VeraCrypt deliverables (test suite only) and lots of stuff that is hard to summarize because it is so varied
  • intrigeri:
    • Availability: mostly around first half of the month, mostly afk 2nd half.
    • Plans: some progress on #11834 (including some with groente), prepare the many Tails/Tor things that will happen at CryptoRave, bootstrap Foundations Team v2 — and as usual: try to not let the daily backlog of core work prevent me from doing the above.
  • drebs:
    • Plans: helping with translation platform #10038 and #15359 and

      10037, would like to help have weblate updated in lizard and more

      deps listed and packaged until next month. also helping with tails workshop and intro talk during cryptorave in brasil next month.

  • emmapeel:
    • Plans: will keep dealing with the backlog of 3 busy frontdesk weeks and redmine, plus translation platform and some translators she met in valencia (chinese - mainland and taiwan/arabic)
  • nodens:
    • Availibility: low.
    • Plans: Will continue to advance on openpgp-applet if he finds the time (there is the issue of checking if AppIndicators is the way to go, especially since work on dbus + gnome-shell extension has already been done
  • segfault:
    • Availability: mostly available
    • Plans: continue working on VeraCrypt stuff and Tails Server
  • singuliere:
    • Availabily: uncertain
    • Plans: will explore contributions to the translation platform
  • spriver:
    • Availability: still in the process of getting actually more things done.
    • Plans: currently working a bit on German translations, working again on #10181 and #10181
  • u:
    • Availability: low besides usual commitments
    • Plans: working on Debian things for Tails (migration to salsa+ updates), on the translation platform (good progress with hefee <3) and still taking care of the

Important missing bits in the next monthly report

The SponsorW bits are missing. Segfault confirmed he'll add his bits, u sent an email to other people involved.