• Attendees: anonym, intrigeri
  • Semi-attending: emmapeel, sajolida, segfault, spriver

  • Logs

Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

  • anonym: I'm already/still on #5447.
  • intrigeri: I've closed #8690 today after failing to reproduce the problem => one less hole in the roof. :) I won't take any other this month.
  • segfault: regarding hole in the roof, I have #12146 (which I don't expect to work on until we have a plan for #15292) and won't take any other.

Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

There was only #15308 which emmapeel will find an assignee for.

Availability and plans until the next meeting

  • anonym:
    • Availability: 8-11 March: vacation, 12-15 March: Tor dev @ rome, then it is "office hours" for the rest of March.
    • Plans: attempt to get #15281 into shape for Tails 3.7 (which probably means shipping a 3.7~rc1), upstream our Thunderbird stuff finally #6156, test suite stuff, finish reviewing Tails Server
  • emmapeel:
    • Availability: ?
    • Plans: this week, here in valencia, and when back home, look at the ASP docs with sajolida, and soon i am in shift again. also weblate
  • intrigeri:
    • Availability: mostly unavailable until March 19, then back.
    • Plans: deal with my core work, avoid accumulating too much backlog, Tor meeting in Rome, and that's all.
  • sajolida:
    • Availability: I'm here.
    • Plans: 3.6, apply to NLNet with our USB image project (and a bit more budget), close the Tails Verification saga, core work & OTF features, do interesting stuff with the rest of my technical writing budget for this quarter. Start to slowing organize the summit 2018.
  • segfault:
    • Availability: I will be mostly available.
    • Plans: Fix the issues assigned to me for 3.6, work on #14468 subtasks, and Tails Server.
  • spriver:
    • Availability is: nearly everyday given my current situation.
    • Plans: I started working on #14567 and currently one child. also I'm planning to get some translation work done.

Important missing bits in the next monthly report

The SponsorW bits are missing, which segfault will add within a day from the meeting.

Brainstorming: how Tor could support us more/better?

We brainstormed a list of suggestions/topics for intrigeri to bring to Shari at the Tor meeting in Rome next week. The list contain some semi-sensitive items, so we chose to not make it public (note: the URL was shared on the channel).

Strategic planning: is "Don't have to trust your hardware" an existing benefit of Tails ?

At the Tails Summit 2017 it was added to the "benefits" category; it got one +1 dot and two -1 dots. Those of us attending the meeting failed to see how Tails differs substantially from other OSes in this respect, and suspect it was added in error, formulated the wrong way, or put in the wrong category (perhaps it was intended as a goal?). We decided to drop it (some might want to keep it as a goal, but we almost had that discussion, and it seemed the way we were headed would be to greatly have to reduce the scope of that promise).

(At best Tails raises the bar for Evil Maids so they are forced to attack hardware/firmware since the Tails installation is portable and thus can be carried with the user at all times, so kernel/initrd/OS attacks can be protected against.)