• Attendees: dachary, intrigeri, jvoisin, mercedes508, muri, nodens
  • Actively lurking: casact

  • Logs

Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

  • intrigeri failed to triage the one he took last month (#10987) and will try again. Yesterday he triaged #8897. That'll be all for January.
  • nodens will try again to find time/energy to work on #8447.

Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

  • intrigeri will call for help about #14503 and #14507.
  • We removed the Target version of #15107 because at this point it's unclear whether bertagaz is taking responsibility for doing it in time for Tails 3.5.

Availability and plans until the next meeting

  • dachary: make progress on pdf-redact-tools (#15052)
  • intrigeri: mostly at work, except I'll take a week off at some point, probably this month; deal with the Intel security issue + Linux workaround, complete #15092, planning for #11834 and #11680, and keep working on our 2018Q2→2019Q1 budget forecasting (currently: #12711, soon: #12712).
  • mercedes508: 2 weeks of help desk since January 1st so quite often online and following what's going on; will be mostly offline and busy after that for about 10 days.
  • muri: coordinate the monthly report.
  • nodens: availability unknown so far, potentially hectic times; migrate openpgp-applet from Alioth to, plus some more non-Tails-related Debian work.

Important missing bits in the next monthly report

  • nodens will draft something about 34C3.
  • mercedes508 will remind his team-mates about adding hot Help Desk topics.
  • muri will wrap up the report around January 15.

Replace Liferea

casact reports about their usage of Liferea in Tails:: "I check 2 feeds for 10 minutes or so every morning. But any more then that and its so slow its unusable."

mercedes508, with his Help Desk hat, does not remember any email from users about Liferea.

nodens is not sure he agrees with Liferea being as much at risk regarding the security issue in question, since it only does RSS and not email; but supports replacing Liferea because of the "it's basically another browser" argument.

We identified a bug in the proposal, fixed it and decided:

  1. In the first Tails release that switches to the next Thunderbird ESR (likely 60), that will have the fixes the Posteo article mentions: we wrap Liferea to display "Liferea is going away, please migrate your feeds to Thunderbird"
  2. In the following (N+1) release or N+2, we remove Liferea, drop it from the list of features, add feed reading to the list of Thunderbird features on doc/about/features, and close #7626.

Install caff by default

There seems to be a general agreement that it's nice to support the use cases of developers concerned about the security of their OpenPGP secret key material… and the today's power-users may be tomorrow's contributors, so everyone felt like including caff was a good idea. Still, #14570 will be fixed soon so there was some hesitation floating around.

We decided to wait for #14570 to be fixed in a release, then intrigeri will try this use case himself without having caff in the ISO, and if happy he'll ask infinity0 to try the same. Then we'll see.