• Attendees: drwhax, emmapeel, geb, intrigeri, masha, muri, nodens, sajolida, segfault, spriver

  • Logs

Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

Availability and Plans until the next meeting

  • masha:
    • nothing in particular beside help desks shifts + assigned tickets
  • emmapeel:
    • moving, so a bit away. Back on Front Desk on November 27th.
  • intrigeri:
    • this week: whatever I have to do to make 3.3 exist as a good Tails release;
    • next week: OTF summit.
    • Then some non-Tails work. In other words, I'll be do the bare minimum to keep the boat afloat but don't count on me too much.
  • spriver:
  • segfault:
    • will continue working on the VeraCrypt stuff
    • also try to work through some of the other stuff i committed to
  • nodens:
  • drwhax:
    • hope to actually work on some of the randomness tickets this month
    • next week: at the OTF summit.
  • sajolida:
    • Finish the work on the new download page and verification extension; hopefully... somehow...
    • Do fun UX stuff as I'm under-clocked on this budget line (breaking news: under-clocking happens!)
    • Catch up with a bunch of technical writing reviews and tiny stuff
    • Prepare the VeraCrypt UX sprint in December

Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

There are no such tickets.

Important missing bits in the next monthly report

Intrigeri needs one more day to add his part

Tickets flagged for Discussions in the blueprint

There are no such tickets.

Other tickets

OpenPGP Applet should display long keyid (or even only FP)

Problem description:

Currently OpenPGP applet show hex key id (short) in pub key selection. The Fingerprints are shown as mouse-over. The mouse-over will probably go in the not to distant future.

Discussion summary:

  • It's not used for key verification, only disambiguation.
  • user should not rely on id for verification (any id).
  • seahorse-tool show short key id
  • Fingerprint here would be confusing.


Since seahorse-tool show short key id, we should stick with that, or, preferably, display no id at all. Then we would show the key creation date for disambiguation.

Create screencast videos of installing Tails onto a USB stick

Problem description:

Comment #18 on the ticket. In short: do we really want this, seeing that it's not easy to do correctly ?

Discussion summary:

  • we don't have the manpower / skills to do that ourselves and maintain such screencasts (not even talking about making it translatable)
  • we can rely on other people work, like the video from Infosec/Bytes/CIJ:
  • it could be useful for some stuff, for instance the FAT32 vs NTFS problems


Reject this ticket. We acknowledge that such videos could be useful, but we can't maintain them ourselves