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Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month


Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

Important missing bits in the next monthly report

  • pablonatalino will substitute spriver as curator of the report and ask for help if needed.
  • Help desk will add their "hot topics" after their meeting tomorrow.

Include Yubico Authenticator in Tails

  • The landscape of hardware 2FA is still too fragmented and we need to wait until the the dust settles a bit.

    • State on the ticket that we look for that "one perfect" solution, and then mark it as Starter task and low priority.
    • We have more impactful things to do.
    • Retitle the ticket to "Research what 2FA solution (if any) is worth installing by default in Tails".

Save coredumps to a sticky directory

  • segfault will prepare the discussion for a future meeting.

Decide whether to remove the 'clock synchronization' notification

This ticket was originally created as part of Redesign the network configuration and startup and proposed removing this notification once we have something much better. This won't happen any time soon so the question is still open whether we want to:

  • Remove it all the way, even without #10491
  • Rephrase it

Random notes from the discussion as no decision was taken:

  • This notification currently provides some (maybe not very good) feedback that something is going ("Please wait...") before Tor is ready.

  • Useless notifications are bad because they train people in ignoring them. The utility of this one could be better studied.

  • Proposals:

    • Remove this notification and instead improve the notification when starting Tor Browser when Tor is not ready yet. Hinting at the onion icon in the top bar.
    • Rephrase as "Starting Tor".