• Attendees: intrigeri, sajolida, u, emmapeel, jvoisin, nodens

  • Logs


Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

Availability and plans for next month

  • u: planned one day next week (tickets and debian stuff), might add another one, only reachable by email the rest of the time and not necessarily available for work.
  • nodens: plans to work on debian stuff during DebConf but also take care of a few openpgp-applet tickets
  • emmapeel: on frontdesk shift most of the month (except week 33)
  • intrigeri: mostly unavailable until the 12th of august (DebConf): only very hi-prio stuff. Then completely unavailable until the 23th.
  • sajolida: heavy work on Tails between August 11th to 22nd: close down the analysis of last year's donation campaign. prepare UX sessions for summit (personnas!) move forward other user research stuff while doing this (piwik, maybe survey platform) getting organized on OTF/Additional Software might be good ** move forward the switch to CCT as fiscal sponsor, and handle correspondingf account flow
  • emmapeel> plans to prepare spanish translation to be moved into the repo

    *u reminds everyone to add bits to monthly report (deadline: August 11th)

Tickets on Agenda:

Feature #12257: add a screenshot to our homepage

  • There is consensus on adding it: it's a well established best practice for software homepages.
  • Better do it now with a very simple thing and make it fancier later than let it rot
  • u volonteers to create a laptop svg to put the screenshot in (but not integrating it). OTOH She also thinks it's a good idea to leave that as a task for tails-project or tails-ux, to use as a starter for a first contribution to Tails.
  • The person working on it should come up with proposals of what to display, with mockups if needed
  • Suggestions:
    • The laptop SVG should have an usb stick in it, visible, maybe with Tails logo
    • screenshots should show desktop, tor browser, persistence, glider or even email/chat, openpgp-applet... What's making Tails Tails.

#8281: Consider replacing Florence with GNOME's own on-screen keyboard

  • emmapeel has seen several reports on buggy Florence
  • It's mostly unmaintained
  • does the pros outwight the cons ?

    • some issues with GNOME OSK, but according to intrigeri, fixable appart from pinentry issue
    • pinentry issue might be worked around by revisiting previous project decision to ship pinentry-gtk2 and not pinentry-gnome3, after weighting the consequences carefully.
  • Course of action:

    • intrigeri tries to prepare a branch without florence that doesn't introduce too many regressions, and let people test it early enough before the 3.2 freeze.
    • intrigeri ensures we discuss the remaining regressions (e.g. pinentry) and what solutions we should implement later on (not blocking on that to drop Florence though.)