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Consider dropping flattr versus making it more prominent on our website

The Flattr button is currently displayed only on our donate page (and it's not very visible there).

Our monthly revenue is ~8€ currently, so it probably costs us more to login, retrieve the money etc. And we actually never retrieved this money and would need to do some work to do it.

Adding the Flattr button to all pages (e.g. in the sidebar) would require very little work. But it seems clear it'll bring very little money anyway.

We decided to try out adding the Flattr button in the sidebar of our website for three months, and if it does not work, we'll drop it. sajolida will implement this.

Should we include nautilus-image-converter in Tails?

We already ship:

  • at least two GUI software able to resize one picture at a time
  • imagemagick, a CLI software that can batch-resize pictures

So the question is whether we want to add a GUI that can batch-resize pictures, and if yes, which one.

Help desk people don't remember any user request for such a tool.

Nobody objected to rejecting this ticket, but some of us thought it would be nice to have another option. So Ulrike will turn this ticket into a low priority, "Easy", Type of work = Research one. Requirements:

  • GUI
  • good UX/integration
  • actively maintained
  • doesn't pull in too many dependencies we don't already ship

Do we want to provide the GNOME screencast option in Tails and research privacy issues resulting from it?

Attending Help Desk members are concerned about:

  • video files attached to bug reports by people who don't get PGP/MIME right and (double-)encrypt the attachment, so Schleuder doesn't decrypt it and it's painful to handle;
  • video files uploaded to random websites one might not want to download untrusted content from.

The attending Foundations Team member has occasionally found videos useful (on tails-testers mainly) to better understand a problem.

We decided that we're fine with this feature.

We agreed we don't have to document this feature.

We will let muri investigate on potential security implications, although we didn't go through this process for taking screenshots with PrintScr. It was mentioned that the screen resolution is leaked in such screencasts.