Hole in the roof

intrigeri will work on Tails Upgrader fails to install some IUKs and the related After automatic upgrade from Tails 2.5 to 2.6, keyboard and mouse stop working. emmapeel will see if she can take care of obfsproxy design documentation.

Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

All the tickets for Tails 2.12 were already assigned!


  • emmapeel will be in Valencia with sajolida... plans to warm up to some funders, localisation lab, guardian project people. also pushing for the spanish translation of course
  • intrigeri: plans: mostly reproducible builds sprint, Stretch sprint, Tor dev meeting. maybe start working on my keynote for cryptorave. and smaller 2.x Foundations Team stuff like tor and Linux upgrades. availability: mostly available for Tails but mostly busy with my commitments.
  • spriver: I'll work on #12260 and #5323. and doc updates for 3.0 during the Stretch sprint. availability: medium for Tails, mostly at weekends
  • segfault: I plan to work on the Tails Server beta release, but I'm very busy with other stuff, so I'm not sure how much I will be able to work on this. Availablility will be low.

Important missing bits in the next monthly report

Report not written yet. Emmapeel will do it or mentor someone new until the 12th.


Create a 'Sponsors' page

We agreed on listing sponsors by year, and adding the ones for 2016. We postponed the discussion about 2015 and before, and the "when do we clean the 2016 section" topic too. There were no volunteers for this, thus the assignment falls to the fundraising team.

Have a sponsor per release

We discussed the concerns about this. Some of us have the feeling this might hurt the public image of the project, making it look cheap or more dependent from sponsors than previously conceived. On the other hand, we acknowledge that the release funding would actually be unrestricted funding, in contrast to other funding which is sometimes only for a specific purpose. It was noted that we need more funding in general and that we would like to have more unrestricted funding. We agreed that we would be ok with this if we make it clear what exactly the sponsor paid for (and what they didn't).

Consider disabling recent usage and history in privacy settings by default

We agreed that we are not convinced the proposed patch would be a security improvement. Intrigeri will write a comment on the ticket asking for clarification and explaining our thoughts.

Decide whether we can drop DKMS modules support

We acknowledge that losing clipboard sharing is an important UX hit for VirtualBox user. Whether that's a good enough reason to 1. spend tons of time maintaining the DKMS thing; 2. making grsec much harder to get in Tails; was not something we could make up our mind firmly about. But we were leaning towards 'no' as an answer.

Cleanup outdated blueprints

We agreed to move the old blueprints to an archive page.

Other tickets

We postponed the discussions of Improve Website search and Consider documenting a way to manually backup persistent data. cbrownstein noted that they would like to work on Consider documenting a way to manually backup persistent data.