Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

Nobody volunteered to handle additional Hole in the roof tickets.

Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release but without assignee

There were no such tickets.

Availability and plans until the next meeting

  • intrigeri will be around this month, He is already booked with a Strech sprint and a reproducible ISO sprint, but will help people who want to prepare pieces for our next SponsorS grant proposal.
  • sycamoreone will try to do some Python porting and research for the randomness seeding.
  • u will also have more time for Tails until the end of December.

Trusting Tails Installer & Ubuntu PPA

We decided that more info and in particular a clear user-story is needed here. The user-story should make clear how users will use the proposed solutions to improve security. The ticket will be set to "Needs more info".

Consider shipping libgail-common

We decided that this is a can of worm that we should not open. Many GTK applications produce spurious text on stdout, but this is in general not a problem. So, this ticket will be rejected.