Documentation for a complete workflow concerning doc modification through patches: clone - build wiki - send patch

emmapeel, who added this ticket to the agenda, was not present, so those of us present made what we could out of it, which may or may not match her initial idea.

Those of us present at the meeting found the arrangement of the current docs satisfactory, but only if you already know Git (at least the basics). After a quick survey it turned out that quite a few of our current contributors pretty much got bootstrapped into Git by reading Git instructions for our translation team. So in order to lower the barrier for contributing documentation, and perhaps even recruiting some new long-term contributors along the way, it could be worth extracting those Git instructions and make them a bit more generic, and then include them on both pages (with ikiwiki's raw include feature).

Trusting Tails Installer & Ubuntu PPA

There's still quite some confusion about what exactly the problem is, so the discussion is continuing on the ticket, perhaps to be continued at another contributor's meeting. At least it seems to have boiled down to whether we should list the fingerprint of the PPA's key in our docs or not.

When should we launch the donation campaign? What's left to be done?

In short it is almost done. Given the availability of those handling this, the best would be that it is launched this week (so latest on 2016-10-09) which will require reviews of the blog post (and #11824) to happen swiftly, which seems possible given the promises made during the meeting.