Consider dropping launchers from the Desktop

Even though there was a general support for dropping the launchers, but a long discussion when (3.0 or earlier) the launchers on the Desktop should be removed and if the launchers in Applications Favorites should be added earlier or at the same time. It is unclear how much people still depend on a Trash icon on the desktop and if new users will find our documentation, if there is not Desktop launcher. In particular new users, who are not used to the Gnome desktop and Linux, do need an obvious entry point to our documentation.

We finally decided to keep the Desktop launchers for now, if that is not too much work, and get rid of all the launchers if it's too much trouble. We can drop the launchers, when we do have a "take a tour" feature to introduce new users to Tails and the Gnome desktop.

If wanted Trash and Home could already be dropped now or with 3.0 and we will see if and how many users complain.

What about makes it possible to link PGP keys with social media accounts like @Tails_live. While many people liked the idea of using this for adding more trust-paths to the Tails signing key, it was decided that we will drop this suggestion at least for now, because the benefit for Tails is rather small. In particular there already are links from the signing key to the Twitter account, e.g. via the documentation on the signed ISO image.

Also no one of the Tails key-master, who would need to do the actual work, was present.

Clarifying the scope of hardware support

While we had the general impression that the ticket raises a valid concern, it was not clear what precise question we could discuss or answer during the meeting. We decided to reassign the ticket to the author and ask for clarification what to do.

Decide when to close down tails-support

We decided to follow sajolida's proposal in the ticket. The close down should also be announced on Twitter, in the blog and the documentation needs to be update.

The monthly report, that should be out before September 15, should already announce the announcement of the closure. The actual announcement in the blog will also explain the reasons for the closure.

Because tails-support has so little traffic, we decided that the possibility to answer people who already asked a question will probably not be a problem.

Gender neutral translations in German: discuss MITM

This topic came up in a discussion between the German translators: The word "man" in "man-in-the-middle" could/should be replaced by some other term like "machine", "computer", or "attacker". In German the term "Mensch in der Mitte" could be used. There were a number of arguments in favor and against the proposal:

  • "Man-in-the-middle" is the term people and the literature are using and what people will search for. Another term could be mistaken for another kind of attack.
  • Google also finds "man in the middle", when one searches for "machine in the middle" or "attacker in the middle".
  • Everything but "machine in the middle" will lead to abbreviations like AITM or HITM, that can't be searched for.
  • One could write something along the lines of "attacker-in-the-middle (more often called man-in-the-middle, MITM)". One would need to check each page using the term for understandability.

One can use

git grep --count -E "" -- "*.*m*"

to find all occurrences of the term.

We decided to postpone further discussion.

Consider removing ekeyd

This ticket was added to the agenda in the last minute and we decided to keep it for the next meeting.

Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

Most participants already have enough work to do and did volunteer for another Hole in the roof ticket, but some people are already actively working on #7700.

Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

There were only two tickets of this kind. Both were decided not be extremely important and for both it was not clear how to proceed.

Availability and plans until the next meeting

  • u will be working on Icedove, dave and on #11722
  • segfault will work on Tails Server for another full week and will then be mostly unavailable until early October.
  • sajolida will work on the Donation Campaign.
  • emmapeel plans to keep working on the documentation.
  • sycamoreone plans to do more research for the persistent PRNG seeding.
  • flapflap plans to build his first Tails ISO image and wants to start discussing the ARM PoC