Make it easier to access WhisperBack from the Applications menu

We discussed intrigeris proposal and decided that the ticket should be closed. Additionaly a ticket with priority 'low' will be created to document how to run Whisperback from the Activities overview.

Investigate shipping 64-bit (x86_64) instead of 32-bit userspace

Intrigeris propsal on tails-dev was "I'm proposing we switch to a 64-bit userspace in Tails 3.0.". We agree with this proposal.

Greeter option to enable microphone

It would be great to have the feature to have a disabled microphone without disabled sound. There is the point, that also the speakers can be used as a microphone. jvoisin will do some research in this direction and summarize that on the ticket. Then we can discuss this topic again.

Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month