Unfortunatly, we were not able to reach redmine during the meeting, because the cert was expired and hsts. The hidden service also didn't work as expected, but we had at least the chance to access it for a short period time to get a list of tickets to be discussed. So no volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" and no volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee

Availability this month

  • nodens will be working on #10190 and #7711
  • intrigeri will be back to his usual Tails availability in ~10 days and will be wrapping up the SponsorS contract at end of july
  • flaplap will try to get more people to do translations
  • u's availability will be reduced, but connected
  • segfault will be working on the Tails server

Consider installing gnome-sound-recorder on Jessie

We decided to add gnome-sound-recorder back to tails. If we had to decide between audacity and gnome-sound-recorder, we would ship the latter, because its easier to use for inexpierenced users. The former could be a case for the 'additional software packages', but we don't want a regression and there are usecases for audacity on Tails. Also g-s-r is really tiny. Thats why we ship both.

Enable Unsafe browser + Clearnet user via Greeter

We agree with sajolidas reasoning on the ticket #note-6: there is already a blueprint for a new solution and there are some ux problems with adding that functionality to the greeter. intrigeri suggested the middle ground to block/forbid the unsafe browser as soon as Tor has bootstrapped, but thats not that easy to implement: one ux problem to solve would be how to handle roaming laptops that move into a wifi that requires a captive portal. thats not worth the coding/reviewing/documentation effort for a temporary solution

Don't ship the testing and unstable APT sources

Segfault explained that the reason for this ticket was that Tails Server needs to download the packge list the first time a service is installed, which takes a long time at the moment (30 seconds instead of 2 to 10 minutes). There could be corner cases where this could break stuff. intrigeri: "say we pull pkg P1 from sid, and then user wants to install package P2 themselves, and it depends on P3 but the version of P3 in stable conflicts with the version of P1 in stable, so the user would need to install P3 from sid, but we just broke that for them." We decided that this ticket needs more research into possible corner cases that could be broken.