Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

  • sajolida has put #7700 (distribution of the revocation certificate) on his radar again to have something to roll out at the summit.
  • intrigeri is working on freezable APT repository that will help solving #5987 and friends.

Important tickets flagged for next release but without assignee

  • We assigned #11270 to anonym.
  • It's anonym's duty to find a reviewer for #11229.

Availability this month

  • u will work on the mirror scripts, DAVE, and Icedove.
  • intrigeri will work on the APT repository and mirrors.
  • segfault will work on Tails Server.
  • emmapeel will work on frontdesk and docs.
  • spriver hope to do some minor doc and maybe some translations.
  • muri will review spriver's translations.
  • sajolida will wrap up the design doc from the assistant and start redesigning the donation page.

Investigate using Icedove as the RSS reader

Actually, this ticket was not in a state for discussing but more for making plans on how to audit Icedove for RSS feeds.

We updated the TorBirdy FAQ about RSS feeds to mention "Is JavaScript disabled?" and "Are proxy settings respected?", even if proxy obedience is out of scope as far as Tails is concerned.

sajolida will write to anonym, co6, jvoisin, Sukhbir, and u to see if we can find someone to do this part of Icedove + TorBirdy. #11399

Do not suspend when closing lid

  • Coming back from suspend breaks sometimes on some hardware.
  • But suspend disables emergency shutdown (until the lid is open again) and some people might be surprised by this.

So we want to support both options and thus what makes more sense is to add an option to suspend from the system menu through some button, keyboard shortcut, or a combination of both. Hypothesis are:

  • Replace the "Restart" button with a "Suspend" button. That's more visible.
  • Change "Restart" or "Power Off" into "Suspend" when pressing "Alt". That's more like the default in GNOME.
  • Have an additional and dedicated button for "Suspend". But we might add yet another button for the screen locker.

segfault will do whatever he things is more appropriate.