We do a bit more free form and skip topics for which people not here today have a strong opinion (or might have one), because we're mostly new contributors. So we skip "Hole in the roof" which are hard and boring.

Important tickets flagged for next release but without assignee

Availability and plans until the next meeting

  • sycamore will write down some stuff about entropy
  • muri is still working on the l10 screenshot automation
  • muri also plans to take another look at weblate
  • spriver would like to start to translate the installation assistant
  • segfault wants to rethink the installation and upgrade process

Include a pinentry GUI that's well integrated within GNOME

upgrading pinentry-gtk2 from 0.8.3-2 to 0.9.7-1 improves things and using pinentry-gnome3 would make things worse, at least for keepassx users. segfault will submit a branch that upgrades pinentry-gtk2 to 0.9.7-1

Keyboard layout keyboard shortcut has changed

Right-now there as three keyboard shortcuts to change keyboard layout:

  • Super+Space which is provided by GNOME.
  • Shift+Shift which is custom to Tails (added in e492749). segfault will see whether we should get rid of this one as well.
  • Alt+Shift which is custom to Tails (added in 370f48c). Saying that this is the default in Windows might have been an ok argument at some point.

Seeing that alt + shift switch the keyboard layout without indicating it in the keyboard layout menu, GNOME is giving it a different meaning by default: Alt+Shift shortcut will be removed. segfault will submit a branch.