Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month

Important tickets flagged for next release but without assignee

Availability for LHF

Given how most of the last times went, where some people attended but nothing happened, it seems necessary to discuss a bit more of this sessions. An email will be sent on the tails-dev mailing list by muri to raise the issue, and until we settle on a better plan, the LHF sessions won't be announced anymore.

Availability for the month

    1. will finish his work on the installer & the mirror scripts. and will mostly be available
  • spriver will go on getting Tails 100% german friendly
  • bertagaz will finish this test suite in Jenkins stuff, start to work on the monitoring of our services. Will mostly not be available when on Tails given the workload, and will have offline time in November.
  • Muri will do some translations, play with weblate, look into Research if we could do automatic screenshots for wiki l10n
  • Sajolida will conduct user testing on the new greeter, work on the installation assistant, and do user testing on it too. Also help in the Tails Jessie migration sprint. Maybe tackle a call for donations if it's not too much.

Draft text for the website about buying t-shirts

Apart from the "The T-Shirts are made of organic cotton and fairly produced." phrase which will be removed, the proposal is accepted. It would have been worked on during the LHF... if this one stil existed in November.